One more good beatdown before we split.

  • Workout Date - 07/16/2014
  • Q In Charge - Golden Sombrero
  • The PAX - Epee, Uber, Posh, Ahnold, Erector, Longbottom, Punkin' Spice, Johnny 5, 00, Radar, Holla, Inspector Gadget, Earth Mover, FNG Tim Griggs- Amelia, Snowden, Zoro, Footloose, FNG Sammy Stevenson- Hook & Ladder, Tax Evasion, King James
  • AO -


21 men (2 FNGS) arose from the fart sack to get to work at the ‘burbs on an unusually cool morning. Flay, Snowden, Ahnold, and 00 brought the pain in previous days so YHC had to bring it for the last Burbian workout before the split to the Gate and Graceland.


Mozey to the Green (space I just named at the front of MRPC)

SSH 4 Count IC X 20
IW 4 Count IC x 20                                                                                                                               Merkins 4 Count IC x 10

The Thang

Mozey to bottom of parking lot, partner up for Dora 1-2-3

Partner starts pushing while other partner Sprints up hill to first light post.  100 yards?
Fast Mozey back down hill switch…

100 Merkins
200 2 ct. Flutters
300 Squats

10 Count… Pax is feelin’ it.

Count off into 3 groups.  Mozey to rear of MRPC for Pain Stations
Group 1- Jail Break around MRPC
Group 2- People’s Chair/ Derkins
Group 3- Jo Hendrix (Don’t Smack your head)
Rotate when group finishes jail break and other group finishes Joe Hendrix
Rinse and Repeat

Mozey back to the Green to load the Ark
Pax lines up next to the side walk. Snowden takes a tiny flag and runs it out 20 to 30 yards. That’s our stopping point.
Bear Crawl to the flag, run backwards on the return.
Crab Walk to the flag, run backwards on the return.

4 MOM                                                                                                                                               Russian Twists IC X 10 (Slow Count)
Flutters IC X 10 (Slow Count)
LBCs IC X 10

Pax forms two lines for Indian run back around MRPC.



Monday 7/21 – The Gate launches at Aldersgate United Methodist Church.  Look for Pre-blasts.    
Tydre the only survivor of the crash last week near Riverside Middle and his family will be spending a few months at the Burn Center in Augusta. This kid and his family have some long days ahead of them and a crushing financial burden. Please prayerfully consider bringing some cash to your next post. See Earth Mover.                                                                                                            
Bartman spoke with Tydre’s family who are thankful that our guys were there.  
Eastside Hill run- Meet 530 AM at the Pavilion                                                                            
Dawn Patrol 6am Saturday                                                                                                  
Spearhead Training also 6am Saturday                                                                      
October 3rd and 4th Mogadishu Mile- Go Ruck Challenge in Wilmington, NC. See Punkin’

Prayer Requests

Continued prayer for Tydre, his family, and the families of those who lost a loved one.
Prayer for Walker Phillips 3 yr old son of Nail Pop F3 Columbia.  In the hospital with seizures can’t determine what is wrong.                       Continued prayer for Erector                                                                                                    
Don’t forget to pray for brothers who are suffering in silence.                                                        

Enjoyed it! Golden Sombrero Out




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