Omaha! Omaha!

  • Workout Date - 05/31/2014
  • Q In Charge - Padre & Punkin
  • The PAX - The Stroller, Muck, Tiny Dancer, Price Harry, Hoops, Bolt, Frogger (FNG-Casey Atkins), Family Guy, Peterbilt, Big Spur, Wonder Women, Windex, Gecko, Deliverance, AV, Padre, Punkin
  • AO -

17 (incl 1 FNG) rolled out of their fartsacks and into the Sparkle City gloom for a beatdown administered by Padre and YHC that would have the PAX doing their best Payton Manning.

Warm-up (Punkin)

SSH x20

Jack Webb – up to 6|24

Dan Taylor – up to 5|20

#mumblechatterbegins #isthatthewholeworkout?

No sir, it is not.

Now it’s Padre’s turn for some fun!

The Thang (Padre)

Mosey around the inner-loop of the park to the amphitheater stage

Bent Jacob (Satan’s Ladder)

Start on stage

Smurf Jacks x20

Off Stage (try and not use the stairs)

Run all the way up stadium seating

1 Burpee at the top

Run down stadium seating

Back up onto the stage (try and not use the stairs) -YHC thinks this part was a great addition by Padre, getting back on that stage gets sneaky hard. #nobustedshins

Repeato with Smurf Jacks x20 on stage each time #ouch and Burpee’s ascending to 10…er…8… PAX started asking Padre for audible around number 4 #omahaomaha so Padre finally caved around 6 and gave the PAX their wish. Although I believe a couple #larrybirds may have finished all 10. #TCLAPS

Some Plank-O-Rama while PAX finish

More Thang (Punkin)

Mosey to St. John Street Garage, stopping for a few Dips OYO to wait for SIX along the way

Up all the stairs, to the top deck of SJSG for…

SUPER Burpee! Descending from 10 #noomahathistime

For those unaware, SUPER Burpee is a break down of the movements of a Burpee into 3 separate exercises; the Merkin’, the Donkey Kick, and the Jump Squat. Then you perform in ascending (more difficult) or descending fashion to the number of your choice. So…

10 Merkin’s-10 DKs-10 Jump Squats,9 Merkin’s-9 DKs-9 Jump Squats ….. 4 Merkin’s-4 DKs-4 Jump Squats (modify to Squats if you need) #ohnowyoutellus … 2 Merkin’s-2 DKs-2 Jump Squats, 1 (single action) burpee #TCLAPS to all the PAX for digging deep on this one

Backward run to other side of the top deck to the top of the down ramp

Walking lunges half way, then sprint to flat and plank

Backward run the flat to top of next down ramp

Sprint half way, Smurf…er….Fairy Jacks x10, Sprint to flat

On your bellies, on GO, hop up and sprint out of the entrance. #suckinggloom

Mosey down St. John Street toward home but not before YHC took time to explain Joe Hendricks and point out a perfect set of stairs for them.

Stop by Chapman Cultural Center Plaza for 11s

Dips and Box Jumps (PAX chose to start with Dips) so…

10 Dips, 1 Box Jump ….. 6 Dips, 5 Box Jumps .. 5 Dips, 6 Box Jumps ….. 1 Dip, 10 Box Jumps

Mosey back to Virtual Shovel Flag for some Mary, they’re all your Padre.

6MOM (Padre) **this was the most literal 6MOM YHC has seen to date as Padre set his watch so no PAX was cheated out of any of their six minutes

Flutters x24

In & Outs x14

Freddy Mercury’s x15

Rest x15s

Freddy Mercury’s x15

Flutters x14

#padrelovesmisdirection #thoughtweweredone #NOPE

JAIL BREAK.. down to and onto the stage for… you guessed it, more Smurf Jacks x20… off the stage and Jail Break back and circle up #okaynowweredone



-Welcome FNG Casey Atkins (Frogger, due to green Atari shirt)

-Tuesday and Thursday 0530 workout at Barnet Park and a Wednesday run from YMCA

-Padre invited guys to join GORUCK if so inclined.

-Spartan SUPER in Asheville and Spartan SPRINT in Charlotte pre-registration, no dates set yet.

Prayer Request:

-Chapman Mcmeekins (sp?) battling cancer

-Any and all unspoken



Great job to the F3 Spartanburg PAX, it was fun and a pleasure to lead you men! You guys have a really great core, keep pushing each other and don’t forget #mumblechatter, whether you’re #pokingthebear or encouraging each other to dig deeper, will keep your mind off the pain! Remember, if you guys have any questions or need any ideas, let us Rabbit’s know! Finaly, I highly recommend reading Freed To Lead, it really helps you get a full grasp of F3 and the mission it leads. Until next time, keep getting #F3strong Spartanburg!

Padre and Punkin





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