OMAHA! at the Burbs

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  • Workout Date - 03/07/2016
  • Q In Charge - ATM
  • The PAX - Blue Hawaii, Wilson, 00, Iceman, No Bars, Whisper (respect!), Homeward Bound (hate!), ACA, Big Short, Foie Gras, Zip It, Slap Chop, ATM (YHC)
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13 pax circled up at the #burbs for a guest Q by YHC.  Immediate audible since @Earthmover’s key SNAFU meant the soccer field would be inaccessible.  All good, OMAHA!

Mission recited by @BlueHawaii and Disclaimer by YHC.  BTW – TClaps to Blue and @Wilson for posting this morning after their accomplishments this weekend.  Well done fellas.  Let’s go!

Warm up – SSH x 30 IC, HB x 30 IC, Merkins x 15 IC.  Line up for a modified Indian Run around the church.  Front pax breaks off for 10 hand release merkins and sprints to catch the back of the line.  Repeato for 2 laps until everyone had gone once.

Thang – down the lower parking lot.  Explain the playing field and that we would keep moving the entire time.  Ended up being 20 minutes of blitzkrieg (shamelessly stolen name from @Sweats in @F3Churam).  We work back and forth between the curbs (about 35 yards between them) and only stop when YHC calls out an exercise.  We duck walked, lunge walked, bear crawled, and crawl beared.  Well…most of us did, @Iceman did what could only be called a #knuckledragger.  At random intervals (mostly when YHC needed a break from the movement), we performed a couple of rounds of 10 burpees OYO, monkey humpers, some rounds of merkins, and a round of Carolina dry docks.

Thang 2 – let’s give the legs a break and line up for a merkin trail of tears.  Shoulder to shoulder in plank position when pax on end bear crawls out and to the other end.  Lead the pax in 1 merkin.  Next pax crawls out and down, 2 merkins…you get it.  13 pax so we did 91 merkins during the trail.  Lots of #joyful noises were made.

Circle up for Mary – Tempo LBCs, LBCs, Rosie, BBSU, Backscratchers.

Annc – Dinners for GCOD (look for emails), Mud Run signups coming

P/P – Blue’s aunt, Whisper’s Dad

NMM – TClaps to @ACA and @Whisper for rolling with YHC to the #burbs.  Have weirdos, will travel!  Pleasure to post at the Burbs for the first time and get a chance to lead these guys.  Everyone worked hard and it was equally #sucktastic for pax of all shapes and sizes.  Some of the weirdest parts of the Weinke required grass, so next time boys…next time!  Good #mumblechatter throughout, provided mostly by @BlueHawaii as he worked out the kinks from this weekend.  @Iceman reminded us in COT to keep EH’ing guys and that the 3rd year of F3 in any region is usually a stagnant year.  Let’s make sure Swamp Rabbit doesn’t suffer from that.  YHC reminded the men to be intentional with their work, their workouts, their wives, their children, and their God.  We should go to bed exhausted from pouring ourselves into others.  Aye!

@Whisper took us out in prayer.

Always a pleasure to lead and thanks for allowing the guest Q.



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