Oldies but Goodies

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  • Workout Date - 01/28/2020
  • Q In Charge - Dr. Phil
  • The PAX - Whisper, Peekaboo, Punchlist, Pine Tar, Twin Peaks, Maverick, Goose
  • AO - Pitchfork

YHC spent some time in the website exploring exercises that have not been utilized in recent Pitchfork workouts….and some gems were found. It’s safe to count it a success when a PAX says, “I think I’d rather you bring the jump ropes out than do this again.” Tubthumping for the win! We didn’t make it through the Weinke, so there’s more where that came from!

Warm Up

SSH x 20

Windmill x 20

Arm Circles

The Thang

Swerk Back Mountain (Burp Back Mountain with Swerkins instead of burpees)

Bataan Death March (Monkey Humpers x 10 instead of burpees)

Chumbaburpee (hence the reason burpees were replaced in the first 2 exercises)

Reverse Lunges for about 50 yeards

Burpos x 10

20 BBSUs

20 Merkins

15 BBSUs

15 Merkins

10 BBSUs

10 Merkins


5 Merkins

10 Burpos



8 year convergence at Legacy on Saturday so no workout at Pitchfork or Q Source

P200 Teams need runners

Prayer Requests

Pine Tar’s wife’s grandmother recovering from surgery

Wisdom for upcoming career decisions for a couple of the PAX

Co-workers dealing with loss on a variety of levels

Whisper project at work that is coming down to the wire

YHC shared with the group this morning an awareness that we often times fail to ask for prayer regarding our work. The work environment is a place where we can come under the greatest attacks. It is the place where we often find the greatest pressure. It is the place where we often find the greatest temptations. It is the place where we are the busiest and often forget to invite God to join us on our journey. For these reasons, we need to be lifting each other’s work scenarios up in prayer.

As always, its an honor to lead.


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