Old Guys Rule!

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  • Workout Date - 08/25/2016
  • Q In Charge - Wifi
  • The PAX - Commodore (WD - Respect), Gymboree (Respect), Sushi (Respect), Sadiq (Respect), Churchlady, Padre, Twin Peaks, Floppy Disc, Obama (WB @ 38), Nippler (almost respect), Fred, Ice Man, 1 Direction, Wifi (Respect)
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14 Young Men rolled out for some F3 fun @ Golden Strip.  Very nice to have one of SR Founders Ice Man with us this morning.  We may be old, but we work.  Average age = 46. Obama War Baby = 38, Commodore War Daddy = 58.  Great to lead a fine group of men.  Thank you

Circled up with Churchlady & Sushi coming in Hot!

10 Burpees

20 SSH – 1D how about my counting – is it better than Gymbo?

10 Big Boy Sit-ups

Lap around parking lot

10 Burpees

Indian Run up to road and over to back bus lot

10 Burpees

Run to Nippler’s Hill for 11’s = squats @ top & Merkins @ bottom

Lap around bus loop then plank while everyone finishes up

Indian Run behind school to playground.  Break into 4 groups for 4 corners.  Detox was complaining about not getting any bicep work.  So I had some pull-ups planned just for him and he fart sacked.

Corner 1 = 10 Pull-ups

Corner 2 = 15 Walking Lunges – DC

Corner 3 = 20 Big Boy Sit-ups

Corner 4 = 25 Dips on picnic tables

10 Burpees

Indian Run back to front of school

5 Man-ups

30 sec People Chair then run to Fred’s Truck & back

45 sec People Chair then run to Fred’s Truck & back

10 Burpees = for total of 50

Out of time, but did Core during workout so no Mary


Station 2 year convergence this Saturday @ 7

Floppy BD Q @ Pitchfork – Double down start here @ 6 then go to Station @ 7

Need another runner for 12-man BRR Team

Prayers for:

Spicoli, Cher’s wife, Snap On’s wife, Jim Seward, Bobby Hines


Wifi Out!


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