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  • Workout Date - 03/23/2023
  • Q In Charge -
  • The PAX -
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1D posting for Gymboree

Warmup –
Jenner did worlds greatest stretch
ssh x 15
iw x 15
10 burpees oyo

Mosey around parking lot to play at the playground since that is what we sell.
Break into groups of four
10 pullups
20 dips
10 inverted rows on equipment
20 merkins

Since we have two 50 year olds doing q’s this week x 5

Audible to I wish I was 40 so we did x 4

Modified rodeo clown. 2 groups
run halfway around track surrounding playground and lunge walk until the leader catches up.

flutters x 15
lbc x 15
low dolly x 15
russian twists x 15 led by nemo

Special props to Firemarshall Bill – hanging tough after 4 workouts.


announcements – may want tadd this because i forgot

Prayer request – saban, spicoli, epee, murdoch’s niece

Thanks for getting me in F# last year. It has been a huge blessing and has changed my life. So awesome to see someone use their gifts and talents to advance God’s Kingdom.

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