Oh, you guys are new? Welcome!

  • Workout Date - 05/21/2014
  • Q In Charge - Spongebob & Mega Mu
  • The PAX - TBC, Flay, FNG - Aloha (Matt Mellick), FNG - Saddle Sore (Tyler Claes), Zoila, WIFI, Guvnah, Longbottom, Domer, Dollywood
  • AO -

So embarrassingly, we did the whole workout without realizing that we had 2 FNG’s in our presence. I think as growth has been coming to Swamp Rabbit, YHC assumed that a new face was most likely from another AO instead of an FNG.  More props to Aloha and Saddle Sore for making their first appearance be a ring of fire.

I think it just goes to show that we should all (YHC especially) remember to introduce ourselves to new faces at workouts.  Wasn’t that the beauty that made us comfortable that first workout?  Or the first time we went to a new location?  It certainly was a reminder to me this morning that a VERY crucial part of F3 is making everyone feel a part of the group from day 1.  Let’s have some good focus on that these upcoming months as we are sure to see a lot of new faces with the warm weather.

Alright, off to the races…..

12 Pax said “to hell with sleep” and showed up for their leg busting down-painment that is guaranteed to never get easier….it will ALWAYS hurt.  Your time just may get faster.  Slim was on vacation somewhere tropical (which he scheduled Friday; #lifeistough).

1 mile mosey

Split off for 2 options:
Option 1 = 1 mile Time trial to get a base-time for those that haven’t yet done so.  I saw Flay bending over aftewards, which may or may not have been a Merlot tasting.

Great results – TBC = 5:58, Flay = 6:31, Aloha = 6:20, Saddle Sore = 7:10, Zoila = 7:02

Option 2 = 6×800 with 1-minute mosey in between (more like 1:30 but ya know)

1 mile mosey warmdown

Plank shoulder touches
Russian Twists
6-inches with various hurtful things during

Stretch it out

Naked Moleskin
– 1D selfie was on Facebook.  Surgery went well but long recovery ahead.  Pray for him to be able to get that big Ruck off of his arm
– 2 more Saturday’s in Spartanburg; definitely go out and show support
– Circle of Heat Friday at Riverside Middle
– I should also let you know that YHC will probably not be able to make the Sandlot tonight even though I talked it up for the past 3 weeks.  For those that go, enjoy.


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