Oh yeah, you can milk anything with nipples

  • Workout Date - 08/20/2015
  • Q In Charge - Houdini
  • The PAX - PETA, FNG Marge Schott (Kyle Neu), Iceman, Hootie, Denied, Domer, China Doll #kotters, Stanza, Armanti, GCOD, Affordable Care Act, Punchout, Bambi, Scuba, Breakpad, Kami Kazi, FNG 8MM (Caleb), Earth Mover, Weed Wacker, Caviar, Mega Mu #kotters, Crotch Rocket, Houdini
  • AO -

23 babe magnets tightened their sneakers for some MT bobbing and weaving…

Gloom Observations – I had a stage-5 clinger on the deucer this morning so I rolled up right at 530 #asscorn, Constanza is in High School and working out at 530 so all other excuses are moot, glow-in-the-dark tank tops are so 2008, Ice found a way to sneak in SSH when he thought nobody was looking, no Q ever goes as planned with me

This is pretty close to what happened, I blacked out:

Warm up:
Aforementioned #asscorn meant no time for that, straight into Mosey….

The Thang:

-Head down Broad over to Fall St. behind GNews and pause at Wyche lot for Diamonds X15/LBCX20

-MOSEY on E Camperdown way and pause for SquatsX30/MerkinsX15/Planks

– Made way over to the gas station across from Savory Corner Merkins X15/ Squats X30 / Flutters X20

– 6 inches

-Backwards mosey up University ridge and squats X30

-Down the hill & up the hill back up to Oakland for RTs X20 / Squats X30 / Merkins X10

-Mosey back to Wyche and circle up for Merkins / Planks / Freddy Mercs / 6 inches

– Cross Liberty Bridge / Ascending Curb Crawl to 7 behind Spill the beans

– Mosey to Amphitheatre steps for Dips X15 / Lunges X20 / REPEATO

-Sprint up stairs and circle up with some core and slow merkins


Naked Moleskin:

-Costanza needs a date for Prom, prayers for his game b/c it’s only 10 months away

-Burbs on August 31 will do Q school at 515AM,

-Fall Expansion across the nation is full throttle, anyone interested in flying out to help contact:  expansion@f3nation.com 

-recent expansion effort was a city per week, for 9 straight weeks!

-Blue Ridge & Easley expansion, need Swamp Rabbits to join the movement

-October 8th

-Sept 9/10 potential F3 Dad for SW

-Organizing service projects Affordable Care Act – using foundation funds, contact him with ideas

-Prayers for Snowden, he can’t work out and misses being with the group

-Ice’s sister is going through a tough time, please lift her up

-Punchout’s father has had chronic back pain, finally seeking help – PRAISE

Shake a leg,

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