Oh, the places you'll Joe

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  • Workout Date - 02/10/2017
  • Q In Charge - BOGO
  • The PAX - 12th Man, Abacus, Beanie Weenie, Betsy D (FNG), Clarinet, FDIC, Fargo, Flow Rider, Francis, Mr. Belding, Partner, Waterboy, Whittle, BOGO (YHC)
  • AO -

14 PAX entered the Alley gloom on a crisp, 27-degree Friday morning. I was early, so everyone knew something was up. When the hour struck, we welcomed our FNG (Betsy D) and hit the warm-up.


  • Windmill – 10 IC
  • SSH – 20 IC
  • Mosey 1 lap around the track.

Before we got the beatdown going, I talked for a few seconds about all of the responsibilities we carry as men–family, work, finances, community involvement, etc. Sometimes it feels like we have the weight of the world on our shoulders. As a result, we need strong shoulders.

It had been more than a month since YHC Q’d last, so I had plenty of time to get my creativity going. I turned to the wizard himself, Dr. Seuss, and as a result, “Oh, the places you’ll Joe” was born.

The Thang

  • Sun Gods – 10 IC
  • Reverse Sun Gods – 10 IC
  • Merkins – 20 IC

Mosey under the home bleachers.

Pull-ups (Max) – Hop on an I-beam and do your max pull-ups. After the 20 Merkins IC, my rep count was nothing to be proud of.

Joe Derk (merkin on each step) up the short stairs (7ish steps) on top of the bleachers.

  • Plank for the 6. Recover. Mosey to the away bleachers.

Joe Hendricks up the long set of concrete stairs (40ish steps). Walk down the big steps.

  • Plank for the 6. Right arm high, right foot, regular. Left arm, left foot, regular. Recover.

Chinook – 10 IC (reverse/repeat)

  • Mosey across the street to the bottom of the hill next to the track.

Jacob’s Ladder

  • Diamond Air Presses – Joe to the top – Diamond Air Presses – Walk down
    • 10 – Joe – 10
    • 20 – Joe – 20
    • 30 – Joe – 30

SSH – 10 IC

  • Mosey to the bottom of the stairs.

Joe Hendricks (20ish steps) up the stairs.

  • Plank for the 6.

Mountain Climbers – 20 IC

  • Recover. Mosey to the middle school.

Jack Webb

  • Derkins – Wide Air Presses
  • 1:4 – 10:40
  • Walk to the stairs.

Joe up the stairs (15ish steps) w/ 1 DC shoulder touch on each step. Crab walk down the ramp.

  • Mosey back to the flag.

When all was said and done, we were in a prime mental state to receive the word for the morning. I revisited the thought I had introduced at the beginning–when we could still lift our hands above our heads.

Sometimes the pressure we face is great, almost more than we can handle. Typically, we respond in one of two ways. First, we try to grit our teeth, press harder and pretend we can handle it. Or, we look for an escape. Sometimes the escape is immersing ourselves into a socially-acceptable hobby. Other times, the escape is a substance like drugs, alcohol, porn, affairs, gambling, etc. All of the above responses are dangerous and will lead us to places none of us want to go.

The right response, I argued, is to…

  1. Know yourself
  2. Know God
  3. Know your position in Christ
  4. Know the power you have because of your position in Christ.

First, we must understand that, on our own, we are weak, feeble, fragile, inadequate and insufficient. The Bible calls us dust and merely a vapor. We are like a toothpick. We are useful for a few things and even durable under a small amount of pressure. But in the end, we are easily broken and have little hope of making an impact. The first step to finding strength and security in the midst of pressure is to humbly accept this reality.

Next, we must know the incomparable power, stature and force of God. There is nothing that can stand up to God. The Bible says that even the mountains melt like wax in His presence (Psalm 97). If we are a toothpick, God is a lead pipe. He is not fragile. He is not frail. He is stout. He is unbreakable. He is impactful.

Thirdly, we must see our position in Christ. The Bible (Colossians 3) tells us that those who have surrendered their lives to Jesus are “hidden in Christ.” When God sees us, he doesn’t see how busted up and broken we are. Instead, He sees His Son whom He loves. As a result, we are adopted into God’s family, grafted into His tree. If we are a toothpick, the moment we make this decision, we are duct-taped to the lead pipe.

Finally, we must take hold of the power we have as a result of our position in Christ. Being hidden in Christ, we are sharers, co-heirs, with Christ in the blessings of God. We are able to draw strength and endurance from our identity as God’s sons. The Bible tells us that the same power that raised Christ from the dead lives in us (Romans 8). Because of this, we have the ability to withstand the weight of the world on our shoulders–because it’s not resting on our shoulders but His.

Does all of this magically make the pressure we feel go away? Of course not! But, it gives us the perspective needed to help us forge ahead when life gets hard. In short, remember that you are a toothpick. But if you are in Christ, you’re a toothpick duct-taped to a lead pipe.



  • All workouts are moving to 5:15am starting, 2/22.
  • Sunday night bootcamp at NewSpring Powdersville at 5pm starts this week.


  • Clarinet’s wife’s grandmother (Virginia Skelton).
  • Fargo battling frustration/anger with current events.

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