"Oh, I have the Q"

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  • Workout Date - 09/23/2014
  • Q In Charge - Mary
  • The PAX - One Direction, Heisenberg, the Tickler, Sushi, Donut, Gymboree, 90210, Macho Man, Fertile, Sadiq, Gaylord, Crabgrass, Jenner, Tannehill, Wifi, Mary
  • AO -

Rolled out of the fartsack, 2nd pax to the AO, 16 pax circled up with no Q in the middle….”who has the Q?” shouts One D…..Jenner replies….”Mary has the Q”….Mary to the middle….”Oh, I have the Q, let’s get it on!”

Warmup:  25 SSH, lap around parking lot, 25 Imperial Walkers, lap around parking lot, 20 Merkins (3 count) 20 Mountain Climbers (3 count)

The Thang: Mosey through parking lot up the hill to the road, down the road and to side road to the big grass hill…

All together now…10 count merkins, run halfway up hill, 10 count merkins (inclined), to top of hill 10 count merkins, back down halfway 10 count merkins (declined) run to the bottom….rinse and repeat with next exercise being squats, rinse and repeat with toe touches, rinse and repeat with monkey humpers (crowd favorite)

Mosey behind school to the playground, break into 4 groups for circuit of balls to the wall, run to corner, 20 merkins, run to corner 20 LBC’s, run to picnic tables, 20 dips….rinse and repeat 2 more times.

Mosey back the same way we arrived, around the school, up the hill, down the hill and into the parking lot for a Sushi led 6 MOM

In cadence 3 count…right side elbows to knees (don’t know the name but it killed YHC) x 20, repeat on left side, 20 Ins and Outs, 25 LBC’s, 25 Russian Twists

COT: Continue to pray for Josiah and family, Gaylord shared that although this is very difficult, others are hearing and learning of Christ through this….

See ya in the Gloom,



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