Oh Danny Boy, The Pipes, the Pipes Are Calling

  • Workout Date - 03/17/2016
  • Q In Charge - Mc Sushi (aka Sushi)
  • The PAX - 3rd Base, Iceman, Big V, The Tickler, SpongeBob, Short Barrel, Soccer Mom, John Denver, Racket, Whisper (respect), Fred, Footloose, Hard Hat, Erector, Radar, Floppy Disc, Puma, Slapchop, Nemo, Jenner (respect), First Date, Church Lady, Gymboree (respect), Elmer, Look Out Below, Macho Man, Earth Mover, Thumper, Happy Ending (FNG), Lite Brite, Grimace, Cocoon, 1D, Tebow,
  • AO -

37 PAX answered the call of the bagpipes which commenced at 5:20 the let everyone know they were in the right place for YHC’s Second Anniversary St. Patricks’ Day Q.  This was not just a Golden Strip event as PAX traveled far and wide from all over the Swamp Rabbit region to take part in the Glorious Event.  Unlike last year, nobody failed the green audit and we were able to get things rolling without and penalty burpees.

Warm-Up: – The music switched from the bagpipes to an Irish Jig and the PAX danced appropriately to warm up.  Needless to say, nobody from the production of River Dance will be calling this group, but YHC has to admit, he could tell this was not the first time doing an Irish Jig for some of the PAX.  Hey Thumper….Nice Kilt…Thanks for wearing the shorts underneath!.  24 River Dance Kicks Right leg, 24 River Dance Kicks Left leg.  Lap around the parking lot.  Fighting Irishman Punches X 50, repeat in reverse X 50.

The Thang:Break into groups of 3 for the Irish Potato Run.  This was similar to a Native American Run, but each line had a 10 lb sack of potatoes and it had to be passed back to the last man who would run to the front of the line with his sack.  Yes, plenty of mumble chatter here as sack comments came out all over the place.  The potatoes were taken around the lot and back down to the lower field for the Lonely Unicorn Challenge.  There were Green Alligators, and Long Necked Geese, some humpty Back Camels and some Chimpanzees…If you have hear of the song, we did the F3 version.  Gator crawl 20 yards to first cone, Goose Walk 20 yards to second cone, Partner Camelback to end of the field, Switch and Partner Cameback to second cone, Chimpanzee walk to first cone, switch and chimpanzee walk to start.  Repeato 4X

Run to upper lot for a quick 2 lap figure 8 run and go to Lucky Charms Challenge.  Pink Hearts = 5 Burpees, Shamrocks = 10 Squats, Red Balloons = 5 Mountain Climbers, Shooting Stars = 5 Starbursts, Horshoes = 5 Unicorn Kicks, Rainbow = 5 Crab Crunches.  4 handfuls were pulled and the PAX performed exercises based on the number of charms pulled.

Run back to Shamrock of Trush for some quick mary.  Irish Twists…each PAX with a potato, then finished with Shamrocks.

SOT and Moleskin:  Prayers for Walker and family who are strong in their faith!  Welcome to my brother-in-law FNG Happy Ending…glad he finally came to F3.  Thanks to SpongeBob for letting YHC use his boom box.  Good Luck to the P200 team this weekend.  Special thanks to the men of F3 Nation for allowing me to be part of their ranks for the past two years.  You have all been a positive influence in YHC’s life and many new friends have been made.  Everyday starts out positive when you kick it off with and F3…This is just AWESOME!!


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