Ode to the Ruckers

  • Workout Date - 03/25/2023
  • Q In Charge - Iceman
  • The PAX - Preppy, 1040, Libor, Bubba Gump, Clowney, Maverick, Snowden, Dollywood, Grim Reaper Épée, Iceman, Punkin Spice
  • AO -

12 men planted the shovel flag at Cleveland Park to get in their daily downPAINment. YHC, fresh off GRC1064, thought I’d give the PAX a little taste of #goodlivin.

home stretch

The Thang:
SSH x26
IW x26
Parker Peter x26

Partner up
KB Dora
P1 runs to the big oak tree and back
P2 does exercise with a KB, flapjack until all reps met
Squat press x100
Upright rows x200
Flutter press x300
squat presses in the reedy
flutter presses in the reedy

Next up – 4 corners (using 1min rotating circuit)
Split into four teams of 3
Sta 1 – Curls (using KB or db)
Sta 2 – Burpee Pull-ups or manmakers (with sandbags)
Sta 3 – Russian twists (using KB or db)
Sta 4 – Dips
We worked thru this circuit twice

Mosey back to the shelter for 2MOM
Drag Queens (pull wgt underneath you while planking) oyo for 1min
Dolly’s x26


Naked Moleskin
– We had 4 vets from GRC1064 post with us this morning #strong
– YHC grabbed the Q late yesterday when I noticed it was available. So I designed the workout with a GORUCK flavor.
– The 26 exercise reps represented the 26 rucks that made the trek during GRC1064. 24 ruckers, 1 cadre and a shadow ruck for Jeff Proietti (who was hit by a car and died on May 16th during a GORUCK event)
– GRC1064 saw plenty of squat presses, flutter presses and upright rows.

Announcements / Prayer Requests
– Keep Erector and his family in your prayers as he begins chemo
– Grim Reaper advised everyone to get checked annually by a dermatologist (he gets checked twice a year).
– Punkin Spice, Scuba Steve and a few others are signed up for the Battlefrog OCR this weekend at Winsboro SC. They’d love you to join them
– If you think you’d like to try a GORUCK event, there’s a GORUCK light planned in Charlotte on 8/9. It’s a great way to experience GORUCK and contribute to a Charlotte charity. Here’s the info – https://www.eventbrite.com/e/red-light-blue-charity-goruck-light-war-storiesfree-beer-afterparty-tickets-11288493187

See ya in the gloom…..


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