Ode to the Blue Ridge Relay

  • Workout Date - 02/23/2024
  • Q In Charge -
  • The PAX -
  • AO -

32 men planted the Shovel Flag for a BRR inspired #beatdown, sans the typical #gloom

BRR SW and CLT Teams3

SSH x36 (# of BRR legs)
Merkins x15 (# of F3 teams)
IW x29 (# of F3 vans)

Mosey to Main St for an Indian Run
Double Applesauce style – and don’t forget the sandbags #crowdpleaser
Each group passed the sandbag off to the person joining the front of the line. We ran 3-4 blocks down to Falls Park.

Modified Dora
77 burpees (F3 Swamp Rabbit finish at BRR), partner 1 runs while partner 2 does burpees. flapjack until team hits 77 reps
AUDIBLE – not enough space for all 32 men #problematicworkout

Group 1 Modified Dora with burpees x77 #crowdpleaser
Group 2 Box jumps and dips, partner 1 does a series of 3 boxjumps (up the seating in Falls Park) while partner 2 does dips (AMRAP) flapjack and repeato x3.
Once Group one was done with Burpees the groups flapjacked

Continuation of the Audible
Group one – Duck Duck Goose
Group two – Liberty Bridge Pullups (underneath the bridge) x10, repeato
Teams flapjack

Indian Run back to Peace Center (don’t forget the sandbags)

Stop Motion Flutter x10 crowdpleaser
One Legged Dolly (x5R and x5L)
Freddie Mercury x10


Naked Moleskin
– The sandbags got groans and #mumblechatter this morning #loveit
– Sorry about the audible. Great work by the PAX in some tight spaces this morning
– What you avoided due to the audible
155 jump lunges (# of BRR teams)
437 LBC’s (# of hrs spent racing by F3 teams at BRR)
– Need to check on Ashley – he had to leave early.
– Tclaps to all F3 men who conquered the BRR. #thatraceisnojoke

– #TheMainThang numbers continue to be strong. 32 this morning = problematic workout. So we’re starting to look at options for another split. #additionbydivision
– Latka has the Q at #TheMainThang on Thurs
– Iceman has the Q for #Legacy on Sat
– ABP has been issued for #Beaudreaux, #Hugenuts and #Doogie. #WhereYaBeen?
– Several upcoming local races
BMW Race (2mi) – 9/20

Moonshiner 5k – 9/20 at Roper Mtn Science Center. Same day as the BMW – timing allows for guys to do both. #doubledown

The TROAD is on Saturday the 21st at 8:30 and is organized by “Floater” aka Mike Sease. RMSC is only 2 miles from Legacy. You could do both. #doubledown

Race for the Cure (5k) – 9/28 at Fluor Field

– Several upcoming regional races
Mudrun in the Greenville area (Sept)
USMC mudrun in Columbia (Oct)
Spartan Beast in Winnsboro, SC (outside Columbia) (Nov)

See ya in the gloom

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