Ode to a firefighter

  • Workout Date - 01/20/2015
  • Q In Charge - Spongebob
  • The PAX - Castaway, Crude (Davidson), Mr. Winslow, Hootie, Epee, Handy Manny, Caviar, Libor, Wondercat, Slingblade, Posh Spice, Stewie, Iceman
  • AO -

Sorry for the delay on this BB.  YHC has had a busy week at work and did not even remember that he Q’d Tuesday until he went to post the workout completed today….

14 showed up for a workout…and left with a stair-studded (see what I did there?) beatdown.  No FNGs…too bad, this one was not to be missed.

SSH X 25
IW X 20
Burpees X 10 OYO

Mosey to the parking garage behind the Westin Poinsett

The Thang
*Kudos to 1D for bringing the Dora 2-4-6 into the world.  Dora has gotten a little older…a little wiser….and just a pain at this point….2-4-6 takes some time to enjoy!

Dora 2-4-6
Partner up
Partner 1 runs the 5 flights of stairs to the top and back down
Partner 2 exercises until Partner 1 returns…then flapjack until the pair completes…

200 Merkins
400 SSH’s
600 Russian Twists #bikiniseason #caviarwearsathong

Ended up being 25 flights of stairs.  Can you imagine having to do that with an oxygen tank on, heavy uniform, AND carrying a hose?  #merlot #ballsy

Mosey to the Wyche Pavilion behind the Peace Center

1 min of People’s Chair
10 Diamond Merkins
3 times through

Mosey back to the base

*Spongebob is all about the slow count Mary these days…it’ll change your life!

Freddy Mercury’s X 15
Flutters X 20
LBCs X 15

Naked Moleskin
– Movie night to see “American Sniper” on Saturday 24th at
– Go see Star Command – Great AO – and all other AOs if you haven’t been before
– 2 year Anniversary convergence is on 1/31 – at Legacy.  Be there…be there
– Drifter 6K
– We need Mudrun Q
– Prayers:  Ice’s Coworker Amy Hunter who had the aneurysm.  Prayers are helping
– SUPPORT:  Epee’s 8-year old daughter is being a BA and shaving her head to raise money for cancer.  Let’s help her out!

Tough workout…great work done by all.  The improvements are awesome to see.



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