Obstacle Course

  • Workout Date - 08/21/2014
  • Q In Charge - 00 (Double Aught)
  • The PAX - Hardhat, Banjo, Joe Dirt, Billie Jean, Johnny 5, Slapchop, Mallwalker, Floppy, Wrinkle, Mrs. Doubtfire, Erector, Uber, Oui Oui, Slumlord (FNG - Tripp Sellers), 00
  • AO -

MRPC has turned into an obstacle course.  The Burbs should consider guest hosting the crucible.  Cones and gravel and construction everywhere.  I tried channeling a combination of Hootie and Nature Boy, but that’s not me.

Warmup: 10 x smurfjacks, 11 x prisoner squats.#forgottostopat10.

The Burbian Thang: move to the other parking lot. Partner up. One does push-ups while the other does six inches.  Switch when the feet drop.  Lesson learned: do not partner with Uber.  Uber is to six inches as Nature Boy is to Whooooo!.  Never been so tired two minutes into a workout.  One set.

Line up for Spider-Man crawl.  New exercise for the PAX.  Looked much easier on YouTube the previous night.  Lack of coordination plus an over Ubered upper body meant an audible out.  Broad jump across the parking lot.

Time for a trip around the neighborhood.  Run to Shady Lane.  10 bodybuilders OYO. Run down to the apartments.  Hardhat suggests moving out of the road because we don’t have Nature Boy to stop traffic.  Move to the apartment complex.  Jack Webb up to 8.  Run back to MRPC.  Go back for a Dora 1-2.  Couldn’t tell if we would have time for a 3.  We would have, but rounded down.  100 fairy jacks. 200 squats maybe.  Can’t remember since I’m so late writing yet backblast.  Ended up with Joe Hendricks, Peoples Chair and Peter Parker.

MOM: yoga boat hold; plank work, Russian twists, LBCs, Flutters, Dollys, and Air Humpers (Erectors)

Prayer: Pray for Tydre; Erector with doctor’s appt; Johnny 5 selling a house; those suffering in silence.


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