Obliques vs Merkins

  • Workout Date - 03/06/2013
  • Q In Charge - Spurrier
  • The PAX - Debit, Ladka, Wifi, Brady, Nippler, Mary, Slimfast, Barbara
  • AO -

9 of the Faithful posted this morning for a breezy undertaking of Main Thang.

The Thang:
SSH 19x
What followed next can only be described as Mosey + Merkins….
To the parking garage – up to the top and back down with Merkins 10x at each level.
Lunge walks up the first level.
First sighting of Planks.
Stair climb mixed with bunny hops.
Skier’s Pose (aka Wall-sits).
Mosey to the Hyatt for Merkins 10x and more Skier’s Pose.
Mosey to the plaza for more Merkins 10x and Planks 3way (first hit on the obliques).
Swipers 6x (still ugly).
Mosey down Main.
More Planks 3way, and Lateral Hip Raises 10x (there has to be an F3 name for these).
Mosey up Main.
More Planks, more Lateral Hip Raises.
Mosey to the Hyatt for Skier’s Pose.
6MOM Q’d by Mary (how nice)….LBCs, Oblique LBCs, Bicycles, Dollies, Oblique LBCs.
Mosey back to the parking garage for Merkins 10x.

(Q’s note: I am sure I missed a few sets of Merkins and Planks in there somewhere)

Quiet Pax today.
Nippler did a 10k last Saturday – noticed the F3 difference.
If you’re running, keep an eye on the Blue Ridge Relay in September (One Direction is the team leader).

T-Claps to Ladka for his first Post at Main Thang after seeing Debit (his F3 neighbor) getting up….succumbed to the pressure of the anticipated EH.
Good to see regulars Nippler and Mary back with Swamp Rabbit after last week.
Get ready for intensity – Dredd and OBT from F3 in the Queen City are coming to Legacy Park this Saturday.

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