Nothing To See Here!

  • Workout Date - 09/27/2016
  • Q In Charge - Pine Tar - VQ
  • The PAX - Whisper (respect!), Celine Deion, Dumpster, Mint Julep, Easy Bake, ATM, Urban, Road Trip, Barney, Church Lady, Benign, Pine Tar(YHC)
  • AO -

12 PAX came out into the gloom for YHC’s VQ which was a tour of the Pitchfork AO, (AKA Oakview Elementary). The PAX inspected the integrity of the benches at the main entrance, thwarted an attempt by the GCPD to disrupt our eastern European exercise routine by going completely silent (nothing to see here!), went around to visit the bus loop and make sure all the water was out of our tractor tire by flipping it many times, testing asphalt roughness with our backs, then a trip past the portables, the butterfly garden (they must have been still sleeping like the PAX wished they were by this time) and to the back of the property for a detention pond inspection viewed by many many step ups on the bleachers. Then we continued clockwise around the track (NASCAR fans were highly confused here) up to the school to perform lateral load testing on the back walls, then back to the flag to wind it up. Enough fiction, here’s what went down……

Smurf Jacks x 25
Imperial Walker x 25
Dancing Bears x 15…..mumble chatter starting up….

Mosey to benches at front doors under canopy for some Y0-elevens
Starting with 10 Bulgarian split squats left leg to 1 incline merkin and alternating to right leg and decline merkins. All the way to 1 split squat each leg and 10 merkins
Someone ruined the upbeat mood by figuring out it was over 100 merkins in there…..mumble chatter quieting down due to lack of breath
And GCPD drove by to make sure we were not trying to break in. Maybe they have a camera out there?

Mosey to the speedway
Single file, flip tire, jump in, jump out take a lap and get back in line
Then turn around and flip tire, jump in, jump out, then step aside and get 20 LBC’s before getting back in line

Mosey to the back of the track (bleachers)
20 step ups each leg followed by 20 dips
Repeato (crowd pleaser)

Mosey to back wall by jungle gym
Wall sit for 1 minute (the VQ was making sure to get the full time in)

Mosey back to flags

X’s and O’s x 10
Captain Thors (1 BBSU to 4 American Hammers, up to 5:20, on my count)

Swamp Rabbit Golf Tourney – 10/20
Dine out for Moms – 10/27
Sphinx Run Fest – 10/29 (sign up!)

Prayers for Barney’s dad , Celine Deion’s M, Dumpster’s M, Peyton at Monarch, Floppy Disc – IR, those doing the Mogadishu mile in CLT, and CLT in general
Praise – ATM’s Dad, Church Lady’s friend’s son Colin.

Was a privilege to lead you this morning men. A VQ that was a long time coming and hopefully challenging. Probation may have been avoided by pleasing the AO Q (Whisper) with the eastern block exercises. (Note from the AO Q posting this. You are correct. Especially since you were influenced by ATM for the wall sit). F3 has been a very positive influence in my life and I appreciate each and every one of you guys. SYITG.

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