Nothing Better Than #PitchForkWeird

  • Workout Date - 11/19/2016
  • Q In Charge - Look Out Below
  • The PAX - Church Lady, Pine Tar, Road Trip, Deflated, King Pin, Obama, Benign, Bambi, Whisper, Snowbird, Cocoon, Hulk Smash, FNG Brad Wingo (Slow Drip), Look Out Below
  • AO -

Great group of PAX on this beautiful fall morning. 2 PAX ran a little over 5 miles for a warm up and then joined 9 others for the F3 workout. 3 other PAX did a crazy 10+ miles giving us a total of 14 for Circle of Trust. Got all that math? Good, moving on.

Warm Up:
SSH – IC x 20
Merkins – IC x 20

Let’s move! We grabbed the sandbags and headed for the track behind Oakview Elem. PAX chose a teammate for a DORA ladder. PAX 1 would run the track while PAX 2 would do the following:

Burbees (Spicolis) over sandbag x 50
Shoulder to Shoulder Press w/ sandbag x 100
Squats w/ sandbag x 150
Overheard press w/ sandbag x 100
Step ups w/ sandbag on bleachers x 50

Full disclosure, I busted my sandbag half way through so Slow Drip and I had to modify. My bad. We took the sandbags back and rolled the big tire out. Keep your teams for this one too. All PAX will be doing BLIMPS while 2 PAX bear crawl to the tire, flip it 5 times and bear crawl back to the Speedway. BLIMPS around the Speedway consist of:

5 Broad jump burpees (spicolis)
10 Lunges
15 Imperial Walkers
20 Merkins polar bear style – basically 3-5 steps as a bear crawl, then down into a merkin
25 Planks jacks
30 Squats

Once every team had flipped the tire, we put it back and headed back to the flag for 5 Minutes of Mary:

5 MOM:
Flutters x 30 – IC
Hello Dolly x 10 – IC
LBCs x 20 – IC
Shoulder Plank Touches x 20 – IC


Yes, technically this was Brad’s 2nd F3 workout, but the first was almost 2 times ago and both myself and he had forgotten his F3 name. Slow Drip came from my working on him constantly to get back out there!

Prayer Requests – LOTS this morning – lift up My Little Brony and his son Drake along with their entire family, holiday traveling pray for safety, Co-workers going through illnesses and hard times, Spicolis family after his passing

Announcements – Thanksgiving Convergence 0700 at Legacy Park, F3 Christmas Party 12/10 at Spaulding Farm Clubhouse, Sugar Creek Neighborhood Run 12/10

Praise Report – God working through Hulk and Whisper’s business. Praise for them getting a chance to share God’s work.

An Honor to Lead this Morning!

Look Out Below

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