Not Split P, but Split Q…just for some kicks!

  • Workout Date - 01/02/2016
  • Q In Charge - Sushi First half, San Diago Second half
  • The PAX - Scuba Steve, Domer, Satisfry, Spackler, Grim Reaper, NIT, Holla, Garth Bieber, Double Windsor (Respect), Soul Plane (Respect, WD), BIB (Respect), Little Blue Pill, Certis, San Diago, Sushi(YHC)
  • AO -

Finally a hint of winter was in the air as 15 PAX hit legacy for a Split Q between YHC and San Diago.  It has been a while since YHC Q’d at Legacy and since San Diago offered to split…30 min each sounded good so we got started.

Warm Up, then smoooooth transition to the Thang

Climb the ladder X 20

Merkins X 30

Run 1/4 mile around the building

Front Rising Kicks – Right Leg X 15 Left Leg X 15 (is this a warm up or an actual exercise???? it is both, along with some dynamic stretching)

Run 1/4 mile around the building (San Diago took this one)

Closing Kicks – Right Leg X 10, Left Leg X 10

Run 1/4 mile around the building (Little Blue Pill took this one and a few others)

Crescent Kicks – Right Leg X 10, Left Leg X 10

Run 1/4 mile around the building

Horse Riding Stance Punches – X 80  (starting to hear mumble chatter about wax on, wax off as the pax realize they are getting some Martial Arts training)

Run 1/4 mile around the building

Knife Hand Strikes – Right hand X 40, Left Hand X 40 (If used properly, this technique could do some damage…good thing we are not professionals)

Run 1/4 mile around the building

Front Snap Kicks – Right Leg X 40, Left Leg X 40, Right Leg X 40, Left Leg X 40.  Had to put this in from the Karate Kid mumble chatter.

Run 1/4 mile around the building Thus concluding today’s Taekwondo Lesson.  There was still some time left before the hand-off to San Diago and we needed some core work so….

Leg Lift Sit-ups X 30

Burpees X 10

30 minutes in the bank and almost 2 miles of running…hand off to San Diago

Mosey to playground for some form police partner exercises.

Burpees X 30 (was going to be 25, But Happy 30th BDAY NIT) while partner planks and counts only those with good form  – switch

Squats X 30 while partner planks right arm high – switch

Lunges X 30 while Partner planks left arm high – switch  (might have been a Merlot sighting, but can’t confirm a truly Happy Birthday)

Merkins X 30 while partner planks – switch

Burpees X 30 while partner planks – switch

Mosey back to COT for some Mary – SSH X 20, Big Boy Sit-ups X 30, Native American sit-ups X 30

Announcement and Prayer requests:

Baby on the way for San Diago, Clemson against Alabama, Drifter Race


It was great getting a nice size group at Legacy this am.  One of YHC’s commits for 2016 is to Q all of the local AO’s….so put one in the books.  The kicks will be coming to an AO near you soon!  As stated on twitter, Soul Plane can teach us all a lesson on proper form.  For those pax that already have 2-3 workouts in the books….Keep it going!  For those that don’t…we miss you and want you back!

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