Non-Indian Walks

  • Workout Date - 08/03/2015
  • Q In Charge - 00
  • The PAX - Earthmover, Trumpet, Slapchop, Zip It, Playdough, 00
  • AO -

Another day, another Q-less Burbs. 6 men denied last minute vacation for some creative 0.0ish work.

Warmup: No SSHs or IWs, the regular lap around the church will suffice.

Thang: Line up for an Indian Run, except not a run. Start from Island and go towards pullup bars.

1st time through – line alternates between merkins and Makhtars, while person in back burpee broad jumps to the front. ugh. Cycle through.

Next – Line Russian Twists while person in back crab walks to front. I think we cycled through this twice, maybe. At some point we did squats while the person in back did reverse lunge walk to the front. Then we did one legged deadlifts while person in back reverse lunged walked to front. Kind of made this up on the fly.

Made it all the way across the parking lot for some pullups. split into partners. 5 pullups while partner holds low squat. The vertically challenged did merkins as the bars are 10-12 feet off of the ground.

Go back across non-Indian Style – line does flutters while person in back burpee broad jumps through. Cycled through. Eventually changed to other ab exercises for the line.

Back down for a little Dora 1, 2, 3. Can’t remember what we did there.

Derkins – low and slow to finish off.

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