Non Cardio My Ass!

  • Workout Date - 12/07/2022
  • Q In Charge -
  • The PAX -
  • AO -

(1D posting for The Tickler)

Virtual Shovel Flag planted

7.5 Golden Strip faithful…


Downward dog merkins x11 in remembrance of 9/11

Regular merkins x11
IW x22 (11×2)
SSH x22

Mosey to back playground
Balls to the wall walk
10 pull ups
20 dips
Repeato x2 #smokedalready

Break into Groups of 3
Grab a tire
Mosey to lower field
Chest presses in cadence x5
Repeato x2
Tire squats in cadence x10
Repeato x2
Tire Flips across field while 1 partner does 5 lunge jumps other partner does bear crawl
Repeat back with crab walk

Put tires away

Mosey to the front wall
Burpee pyramid
1, 2, 3…7 #audible

People’s chair 1 min

Bicycles x22
LBCs x22
Russian twists x25


– After a couple balls the wall, Murdock had to find a secluded place. #exlaxweightloss
– Had good laughs of how each PAX got their F3 name
– Murdock 2.1 got named staying with the A-Team theme – Mr. T…Bag
– Sally SackFarted
– Prayed for Fletch’s buddy (Bo) who has cancer in the final stages
– Prayed for Murdock and the Lord’s ministry leading in that family

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