NOGOA Information Post! – Location UPDATE

  • Workout Date - 09/23/2023
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We are less than a month away from NOGOA and very excited to have this event. It should be one of the most unique events we have had to date and we look forward to pushing the limits on this one!

Please read everything as its all very pertinent especially the links (they will open in new window)

Packing List

Packing list can be found here. Notice, there are no bricks! We don’t have much outside of the normal items that most of us probably already have. Just take note. You don’t HAVE to bring this entire list however this was put together by our Lead Cadre so I would bring as much as possible.

We will order maps for the event so we can all standardize. If you want a separate map please feel free.


Reboot will be working on training items this month that should help with getting ready for NOGOA. Training is fairly simple though. Ruck, Ruck, Ruck. Get used to rucking on anything but concrete – we wont see much of it out there. I would also recommend squats, lots of them. As you can imagine we will have a great deal of elevation change, your hamstrings/quads/glutes will thank you for the squats at the event.

Gear Night/HDHH

When: Wednesday, July 23rd @ 630pm
Where: Great Outdoor Provisioning, Park Road Shopping Center

GOP will be hosting us to his humble abode, Great Outdoor Provisioning, on July 23rd at 530pm. There will be discounts (20% off single item, recommendations per the packing list, and everything you might need to get ready including some class training on map/navigation training, knot tying, etc.

Start Time/Location

Our start time is still TBD but we are likely looking for 1900 hours launching at Davidson River Campground. We will organize all transportation prior with team house or central location/parking and then go from there.

Pisgah National Forest – Davidson River Campground
Start: Thursday, July 31st at 7PM
End: Friday, August 1st at 7PM

Team House

We are looking into a team house for any that are interested. It might or might not be launch/endex. If you know of any rentals within a few miles of launch, please contact us to see if we can utilize as a team house.

What is this?

If you haven’t signed up yet, or wondering what the heck this is, please reference the link here. This is going to be an awesome event and we are only a few short of 40 signups where we will cap attendance. If we hit 50 total (10 on waiting list) we can open back up to 60 PAX. You wont regret this event and the current sign up list is a bunch of studs. #comeonecomeall

Registration Process & Important Links

  1. PLEASE PAY HERE prior to registering if you haven’t already done so.
  2. NOGOA REGISTRATION PAGE! – This is the official sign up for those who have paid. You do not need to pay again, but you DO need to sign up and accept the waiver. Pretty easy, and it will also allow for a discount code to purchase some GORUCK schwag.
  3. Facebook Page – for communication, discussion, etc.

Please post any questions below or the FB page, or refer to bunny and he will gladly fill you in.

3 thoughts on “NOGOA Information Post! – Location UPDATE”

  1. Aye signed up.

    Do we has discount codes for Goruck gear? Seems a perfect time for a GR-2.

    Training info to come. We have something special in the works to assist us with stealth(-ier), tactical group movement. As soon as we lock schedule I’ll add another comment to the post.

    For now, ruck. Ruck more. Ruck harder. Ruck longer. I don’t recommend running any kind of distance under ruck. But hike, for miles, with all your bricks from GRT, like Blue did this morning after Atlas.

  2. OK: MANDATORY (if you can make it, you should, you don’t want to miss this)

    July 19, AG Middle School, 07:15 (after The Worm). Tactical team movements in stealth mode.

    P.s. I’m out of town for a wedding. Shaping up to be the flesh anchor for this event. Or at least the easy mark.

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