No Squats

  • Workout Date - 03/10/2016
  • Q In Charge - 00
  • The PAX - Hardhat, Earthmover, Billy Ray, Holla, The Big Short, 00
  • AO -

Six men came out to see YHC had in store. On Wednesday afternoon at about 3 PM, double aught had a cortisone shot placed in his knee and was told to resume normal activities on Friday. Surely this included a burbs Q that did not involve any legs.


Imperial walkers in cadence X 15

Slow count Merkin’s in cadence X 15

Amble over to the pull-up bars. (Not supposed to mosey)

Partner up. One partner does pull-ups while the other Merkins. Switch when necessary. These were done on a down up cadence. This may have lasted for three minutes. Felt like 20.

Amble over to the Joe Hendrix stairs. YHC had a new idea for the Joe Hendrix called Joe Hendrix VIII. The idea was to have the person attempting the Hendrix to figure 8 through the vertical poles of the middle rail. This was much better in theory than in practice. This exercise was quickly bagged and banished to the land of terrible ideas (which by the way is the home of a Trump presidency).

After the Joe Hendrix, we did plank work and eight count slow Merkins (eight count down, eight count hold, eight count up). There was a wall sit (one leg for YHC).

Amble to the front of the church. This is where it gets good. Keep your partners. One partner does 15 supine pull-ups. Other partner holds yoga position “bow.” Switch. Then we did some Spiderman walk as a group. It seems like a good idea to continue the Spiderman walk in partners. One partner does 15 supine pull-ups while the other Spiderman walks. Switch. I think we did this a couple of times. Throw in alternated Merkins with flutters in cadence. These were all done in sets exceeding 11 so that I could hear the Hardhat say “yo-leven.” Some slow count LBCs. More wall sitting. We made it back to the circle for some flutters and more Merkins and some Makhtar N’Diayes. YHC called some squats but did a left leg lunge to keep weight off the right knee.

Naked Moleskine

It is very difficult to Q a workout that does not involve running, squats, lunges, jumping, etc. We were heavy on the Merkins and core work.

Apparently Hardhat has cutthroat Uno games at his house. He makes his kids cry. Or they make him cry. I didn’t understand any of this.

Hardhat does love his children though. He is skipping BRR for his daughter’s birthday. #priorities


Walker – miracle.

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