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  • Workout Date - 02/24/2015
  • Q In Charge - Spongebob, Latka, Iceman
  • The PAX - Earthmover, Youkelis, Washer, MabMab, Highlights, Seal, Brown Shorts, Inspector Gadget, Hook and Ladder, Double Aught, Grit, Castaway, Mr. Winslow, Epee, Weedwacker
  • AO -

18 PAX weathered the storm at the Main Thang for a training refresher course on F3 and Q’ing a workout.

SSH X 20
IW X 20
MC X 20

Mosey to Wyche Pavilion

1)  Discussion of F3 history, mission, and 5 core principles.
2)  Tips with counting.  Seems easy, but when you’re out of breath and have a bunch of guys looking for reasons to make fun of you…it can be quite intimidating.
– Take it slow.  PAX needs to keep up and keep good form.  Counting too fast can be disastorous
– Make sure your count matches the exercise and has defined points that the PAX can understand
– Burpees don’t work for cadence
– It’s OK to critique the Q on their form
– Be loud on the last rep
EXAM ANSWER:  Next exercise is…starting position…move…in cadence…exercise

We then split in half, circled up, and took turns leading an exercise to get some practice while the group critiqued everyone on it.

3)  Tips on writing a workout.  Again, doesn’t have to be fancy, but has to be hard enough to keep people wanting more
– Plan more than enough stuff to do…something can/will go wrong
– Don’t be too complex.  Guys aren’t good with directions…Keep it simple.
– Be clear on explaining the exercise series
– ALWAYS watch the rear.  The last guy is just as crucial, if not more, than the first guy.  It’s OK to ask someone to sweep the back, or for someone to run forward and lead the head of the group.
– It is always OK to Audible if it’s too hard, too complex, etc.  This goes for the PAX as well if the Q isn’t reacting.
– Don’t get too hung up on being perfect.  It’s fun!

4)  COT
– Take pride in knowing we are really good at it.
– Expalin to FNGs about the process
– BBs are crucial for uploading in 24 hours- email for access
– YHC was dumb and didn’t bring his phone to shelter.  TClaps to MabMab for having his and getting the names/announcements

Naked Moleskin
– MudRun…we’re behind on numbers.  4 days left to sign up.  DO IT.
– Donut run on 2/28 at Mauldin High
– F3 Hartsville launch on 2/28.  Guys are carpooling down.  Get with Gadget for info
– Prayers for Grit and Fam
– Prayers for Lost family members
– Prayers for IG’s niece
– Prayers for Weedwacker’s Sister who had a miscarriage
– Prayers for New babies in the PAX
– All prayers unspoken

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