No rest for the weary

  • Workout Date - 08/06/2014
  • Q In Charge - Longbottom
  • The PAX - holla, oui oui, goggles, hardhat, golden sombrero, 00, large marge, amelia, vanilla ice, nature boy (whoo!!), San Diego, Bartman, Longbottom (Q)
  • AO -

We are in full #BRR preparation mode!  13 pax poured in RMS this morning to meet the next Beastside challenge!  I warned if you read the pre-blast you may have trouble sleeping.

see workout here


1 mile mosey

The Thang

800 interval pace / 800 jog

400 interval pace / 400 jog

repeat until I say stop!  Ready go!

Cool down (not really)

Mosey 2 laps

Laps 3 and 4 we mixed it up: backward run, karaoke, bounds, and high steps

Stretch and merkins! Did he say merkins?


Several comment about how the pax thought this was the hardest to date.  Just don’t stop.  I believe everyone got in at least 6 miles or very close to 6, with some time for extra time for other fun! Good work by all. The workouts don’t get any easier but  you will get stronger!  If you are tired of YHC Q’ing please step in and enjoy putting a beat down on the pax!


Greer launch Saturday!  YHC is taking half the Q so come and enjoy.  It will be 8 straight posts with 2 double downs buy then.  #BRR BABY!

Michelin run on Saturday 8/16.  YHC has committed we need more eastsiders there to challenge the mighty RoF!

Lot of new AO’s: The Gate, Graceland, Hans & Franz, Greer – go visit, work out, and Q!

Prayers for Snowden and his parents

Erector and Spicoli for healing

and all unspoken needs and concerns


As always, I love to bring the pain!

LB- out



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