No Rain Delay at The Station

  • Workout Date - 03/05/2015
  • Q In Charge - Mab Mab
  • The PAX - Blue Hawaii, Bib, Biofreeze, Snowden, Johhny 5, Grrr, Cockroach, Wally, Alfred, Lizard Lick, Mab Mab (YHC)
  • AO -

11 PAX opted to keep the game going despite a little rain moving in on us. The PAX came to play, and to play hard. The rain actually came as a relief- read below and see why.

Climate: 60-65 degrees and rain

Warm Up
20 High Knees IC
20 Butt Kickers IC
20 Plank Jacks
15 Merkins IC

The Main Thang
Split into two teams.
Team One
P-P-Pain Stations (each man hit each station x3)
30 Shoulder Whips w/ fire hoses
20 Dips
20 Derkins
10 Pull Ups

Team Two
Cora Dora (partner up in 2s)
One is running across field is back,
100 LBC
200 Dead Cockroach (single count)
300 Flutters (single count)

TRAIN! Stop and do 10 Burpees OYO

Teams rotate Stations when complete

The Goose V
above split teams each take fire hose, make a V
PAX in point of V is running with fire hose around waist as the other PAX offer resistance by pulling back on the legs of the V. Make way across field and rotate men.  Nice mumblechatter on this one.

Tug O’ War– best out of 3. Uneven numbers and team w/ 6 always won. Johhny 5 makes all the difference!

Line up for Gut busters/AKA windsprints across field and back
When get back to starting line, 5 Burpees.
Repeat Gut busters and when get back, 5 Burpees…what is that? TRAIN! Make that 15 burpees.

20 Mountain Climbers IC
20 Peter Parkers IC
20 Crunches IC
20 Freddy Mercury’s IC

USMC Mud Run- April 11th- sign up soon to get starting time w/ F3. You are already late, so don’t wait any longer.

BRR Relay (Sept 11) eyes open for details

Battlefrog – April 25th talk w/ Johnny 5

Prayer Requests
Lizard Lick ultrasound today- boy or girl? Congrats!

Thanks to Blue Hawaii for sharing a little of his story and what God is doing for and through him….and through F3. Led to a  nice encouraging devo conversation from the PAX.
Listen to your F3 Brothers and be responsive, engaged, and see how you can serve them
Listen to your F3 Brothers who are quiet and seek them out, don’t let them be in isolation
Be transparent in the COT- if struggling others have struggled w/ something similiar- we all share a common struggle
The exercise portion of F3 is a benefit, but the life change happens when you engage the 2nd and 3rd F. You must be 3rd. I must be 3rd. We are here not to serve ourselves, but to invigorate and encourage the men around you.

Guys- I can’t tell you how encouraging it is and how proud I am  to be a part of this group of men called F3. I was drawn in by the acts of kindness the men of Lexington/Columbia and surrounding areas showed to Nail Pop and his family when everything hit with Walker. I remain because of the life change I  have seen in myself and the men around me. I’m talking physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual life changes I am witnessing. Amazing.

Continue to EH men around you- the chances are  either they are hungry for this kind of community and don’t know how to find it, or they are in a place where they don’t know what they need and this could be it. You have no idea the impact it can have on someones life.

Thanks again for the opportunity to lead you men. Look forward to the next gloom.

Mab Mab

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