No Q – No Problem!

  • Workout Date - 05/31/2016
  • Q In Charge - Earthmover
  • The PAX - Mr. Kotter, Double Winsdor, Spackler, Houdini, Resin, San Diago, Grim Reaper, Latka, Stewie, Earthmover
  • AO -

10 Rabbits were able to enjoy some summertime humidity this morning at #mainthang. There was a level 1 QFail this morning so YHC took the reins and off we went. We won’t name names but his last name rhymes with Bafalski

SSH for ‘Dini
20 dips/20 derkins OYO

Mosey to the Chicora Alley Alley (aka Boggs Street). 10 minute AMRAPs of 21/15/9 and run the alley and back. San Diago and Resin crushed us all.

Round 1
LBCs, Squats, Merkins

Round 2
Heels to Heaven, Fairy Jacks, Diamond Merkins

Head to #bridgeacrosstheReedy. Lunge walk across and bear crawl back

Meander to PC stairs – 5 squats per step all the way to the top. Head back down and bunny hop back up.

Back to home for 10 box jumps/step ups on bench.

Houdini led us in Mary with LBCs, Freddy Mercs and Planks

Padre from the Fort Convergence
Bondo graduation

Good work from the Pax today on a crazy humid morning. Summertime is here so remember to hydrate!



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