No Picnic

  • Workout Date - 01/20/2015
  • Q In Charge - Wah Wah
  • The PAX - Rocky Top, Sanchez, Inspector Gadget, Scuba Steve, Beavis, Clapper, Bunyan, Flay, Rusty
  • AO -

Virgin Q today for Wah Wah.  We were hoping for some increased numbers this morning due to mild temp (around 40 deg.)  Had an on-time start with 10 PAX including the Q.


SSH x 25

Merkins IC x 17(Why Not?)

IW x 25


The Thang

Mosey around the 1st softball field

Stop at the playground for 5s.  The PAX rotated through 5 rounds of :

–  10 bench hops DC

–  5 Dips

–  5 pull-ups

–  5 air squats

–  5 hip slappers DC (with feet up on “ridiculously high” swigs and hands down in Merkin position – slap opposite hip alternating between arms.  Note: swings are not a good base for this exercise.  Swaying of the swings resulted in this exercise being dubed (more appropriately) “ball slappers”.


Mosey (Skipping) to the……………..yes “Skipping”………why is everyone looking an me funny?…………………..1st Picnic shelter.

Carry large picnic table out of shelter and onto the grass.

2 PAX at a time go under the table (trying to keep our guts from dragging if at all possible) and back over 5 times. While wait for their turn the remaining PAX rotate through 10 Dips on the picnic tables (watch the pole Bunyan!!!!), then 20 LBCs.  Change up to continuous Mary Katherine Gallagher Lunges after calling audible and asking Flay to pick another exercise for those waiting or done at the picnic table.  (Thanks Flay – just as you bail for your turn at the picnic table).  Carry table back (Thanks to someone in PAX – Q completely forgot!!!!!!) to where to found it.

Mosey (normal – “not Skipping”) up to tennis courts.

Split into groups of 3.  2 on one side 1 on the other.  Quick sprints across to your group member. Next man goes when group member gets to him.  Continued until every one had completed 5 springs.  This was a little disorganized.  I opted not to try to fix it today because this exercise was over with pretty quickly.  I have an I idea to make it better and more organized next time.


No real name for this one.  PAX lined up on the tennis court base line.  We went through several sets of: 3 Burpees, 7 air squats, 5 merkins.

MOM (All exercises IC)

Flutter x 20

Seal Jacks (“Picture a snow angel jumping jack on your belly.” Not a good idea on concrete, asphalt or tennis courts as we found out) X 8.5………..called audible to end this one due to the discomfort in the genital area. These may work better on softer ground where it is possible to dig a “penis hole” in preparation.

Each PAX picked and lead the count for an exercise.  I can’t remember who chose what and what the order was:

Hello Dolly X 25

Snow Angel X 25

Foot touches (not actual name) X 25

Heals to Heaven X 25

In and Outs X 25 (ridiculously difficuly……I probably successfully completed 2 of these with good form)

Sky Humpers (proper name????) X 25

That’s it for my First Q.  Went by much quicker than expected.  Q-drenalin is a real thing for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The PAX pretty much tore Gower Park a new one.  I believe I heard that the City of Greenville was sending a park ranger over to Gower Park this afternoon to assess the emotion damage inflicted on the park.

Well done boys!


– Clapper gave a rundown on his family tip to China to adopt their little girl Libby.
-Swamp Rabbit 2nd Bday Convergence Saturday 1/31 – 7am Legacy Park, Hollingsworth
-Tankyard Sunday Edition is on the calendar so make plans to attend.  It’s a great AO with tons of options and very welcoming to visiting Qs.

– Fellowship…………….American Sniper Saturday Evening (I didn’t get location or time details)

– Inspector Gadget mention that the Launch for the new AO in Hartsville, SC in coming up.  Can’t remember the date IG provided.

– Flay mention that Sherpa has started an AO in Kathmandu Nepal.  Sherpa is also working on a program to introduce children to the natural areas outside of Kathmandu.  Many people living and working in the city never have the opportunity to get outside of the city.
Flay: Wife’s Cousin is going back in for follow-up surgery.  Prayers for Flay’s Wife’s Cousin and the Family.

Clapper:  Prayers for Clappers family as they transition Libby into the family.  Prayers for Libby seeing a plastic surgeon soon to look at her cleft palate(her cleft lip surgery was already done and was done well).

Sherpa: Prayers for Sherpa as he endeavors to make a difference in Kathmandu.






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