No longer prime

  • Workout Date - 03/08/2017
  • Q In Charge - Brown Shorts
  • The PAX - Beanie Weenie, Partner, Mr Belding, Fargo, Francis, FlowRider, 12th Man, Whittle, Quaker, FDIC, Abacus, BOGO, Subprime, Al Borland, Clarinet, Brown Shorts
  • AO -

As my birthday approached I saw an opportunity to celebrate with back to back Qs. The Hurricane men would “suffer” first. 44 years ago my mom gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. Apparently they sent her home with the wrong child..Lol. The years have had their ups and downs but I am thankful for my wife, children, and the great men of F3.


SSH, Windmills, Mountain Climbers, Imperial Walker. 4 exercises x 11 cadence reps. 4×11=44.

Just like Alan Kulwicki who after winning a NASCAR race would drive the opposite direction around the track, we Kulwicki’d around to the visitor bleachers.

11s- Dips/Derkins 10:1, 9:2, 8:3, to 1:10

11s- Squats/ DC step ups

Kulwicki around to the grassy area on the home side.

11s- Big boy sit-ups/ DC American Hammers

11s- Mericans/ Bobby Hurley

4 sets of 11s. 4×11=44

Kulwicki one full lap and return to the flag for Mary.

Slow Flutters (crowd pleaser), slow dollies, slow LBCs, slow reverse LBCs. 4 exercises 11 DC reps. 4×11=44

We still have some time left. Just for fun we did 44 squats and 44 plank shoulder taps OYO.

Name-o-rama was done and birthday wishes given.

A- April 22 nd family picnic. PowderKeg, Hurricane, SOS, and Clemson PAX all invited. Food and games and fun for everyone. FlowRider got an invite to run in the New York Marathon.

P- We always pray for family. Fargo’s daughter. BOGO’s relationship with his dad. We talked about humility and swallowing your pride. Conflicts with family are always tough. 

On a personal note, I thank God for giving me 44 revolutions around the Sun. Thank you to all these men for sharing this day with me.

Always a pleasure,

Brown Shorts

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