No Greater Friend, No Worse Enemy….Buddy Workout

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  • Workout Date - 09/17/2015
  • Q In Charge - Elmer
  • The PAX - Cool Breeze, Brownie, Lite Brite, Grimace, Racquet, Floppy Disk, Fred, Obama, Mary, Sticky, Gymboree, Church Lady
  • AO -

As the lights flickered on at 0530, you could see 13 men assembled and ready for battle.  Some dawning long sleeves in hopes to help protect the skin from the cool morning air…..they soon realized that they should have worn tank tops.


  • SSH x 20 IC + Lap around parking lot
  • EW x 20 IC + Lap around parking lot
  • Bend & Reach x 20 IC + Mosey to the side parking lot

Main Thang: 5 Circuit’s of 5 exercise’s (10 Reps per)

As we travel through this life and all of its struggles; it is easier to cope with it if you have someone to help you through.  Each exercise is dependent upon you and your buddy to accomplish the mission.

  1. Buddy Dips w/ BB Sit-ups – 1 PAX down in BB Sit-up position, knees up completing reps.  The other PAX will use the knees of his buddy to complete his dips (swap out on completion).
  2. Mirror Squats – Just like it sounds, face one another and conduct simultaneous squats.
  3. Buddy Push-ups – 1 PAX flat on back in bench press position, palms up.  Other PAX inverted in push-up position, palm on palm.  Top PAX completes a push-up while the bottom PAX completes a bench press at the same time……..Joy!
  4. Buddy Leg Lifts – 2 PAX’s flat of back in opposite directions, locking hands and completing leg lifts landing on opposite sides each lift.
  5. Buddy Shoulder Press – 1 PAX assisting the other to complete inverted push-ups. (swap out on completion).

Mosey on back to Mary:

1 Minute Wall Sit followed by 15 Hill Hoppers (Mt. Climbers, but both legs up at the same time)

1 Minute Wall Sit followed by 15 LBC’s

1 Minute Wall Sit followed by 15 Squats.

Announcements and Prayer Requests:

Prayer lifted up for Brownie’s Mom, Sister and Grandmother…..for Mary’s friend facing a tough situation…..and Church Lady’s Co-worker.  Plugs were announced for the upcoming Gideon’s House Workout on Wednesday 9/30 @ 0530……what an awesome story; come out and support!





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