No BLOCKS!! No Worries!

  • Workout Date - 10/13/2015
  • Q In Charge - Steamer
  • The PAX - Steamer, Tea bag, Ukillis, Slug, Duplo
  • AO -

I would always encourage the pax to have a plan of action when taking point but sometimes things aren’t what you thought they would be.  With that said, there should have been plenty of blocks for us to work with but someone thought it smart to spend our coupons else where.  Rest assured, I will find out who.  No matter, the pain will play on!

  • Quick warm up
  • 11’s merican/air squat
  • table top super man/iron man 1min.+ (I wouldn’t eat on those tables)
  • Then at the stage we performed an encore of 11’s (sitting heel taps/wall mericans)
  • While moseying around we found another shelter to complete another set of 11’s (dips/mericans)
  • Since the 11’s were getting old we moseyed a while and found ourselves at the dreaded covered bridge.  Yes, pull ups but since Seal didn’t make it there were no injuries.
  • Then back to the table top for super man/iron man training only adding 20 setups.
  • Last but not least we headed back to the stage for 3 sets of LBCs and wall mericans.



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