Ninja Warrior Training #2 – Pukee Day

  • Workout Date - 09/04/2017
  • Q In Charge - Thumper
  • The PAX - Hasselhoff, Pit Bull, Nomad, Mayo, MintJulep, Lt. Dangle, LivePD, EPO, Benign, PetStain, Cocoon, Road Trip
  • AO - Tower of Terror

13 Pax and 2 Runners showed up a TOT for miles and ninja warrior training.   Enough with the chit chat.

Intro, Disclaimer, mosey to the field.

Partner up, Dora Style:

1.  P1 does stuff, P2 bearcrawls to curb and back, flip flop

Stuff=60 Pukees

2.  P1 does stuff, P2 runs to stop sign and back, flip flop

Stuff=80 Kip Ups

Mosey back to flags.

30 flutters IC

30 Plank Jacks IC

30 Flutters IC

30 Plank Jacks IC

20 LBCs

22 AmHams


Annc:  Spinx Run Fest thingy!  Got about 4-5 weeks to get your hay in the barn.

2 VQ’s to choose from tmmr, Nomad @ PF and StrangeBrew @ GS.

Prayers:   Houston families in need, F3 Brothers in Houston, Benecki Family, Katherine and Family, Solomon Family, Chris, Andrew Brunson, Horton Family, and safe trip to Canada, Nomad’s Step Dad.

Observations:  No one donated skin to the concrete today!    For future reference, the kip up difficulty relative to the height of the I-Beam is a logarithmic scale.  My forearms feel like they have been attacked by honey badgers.


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