NightOps flop

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  • Workout Date - 03/14/2015
  • Q In Charge - SEAL
  • The PAX - YHC and the #NightOps Shovel Flag
  • AO -

One faithful and motivated individual posted at the Lion’s Den for a #NightOps launch that consisted of a night time run with a little bootcamp mixed in.

The Thang

Only “Old Glory” and YHC know what really happened out there.


Prayers for all those that took the Blue Pill on this day.

A decision was made to NOT give up. YHC will continue to try this. Adjustments will be made to times and days to try to accommodate the PAX.  But first, you got to have PAX that want it. Then you got to have PAX that give a damn and post. There are plenty of #sadclowns out there. They go to work at crazy hours, like YHC. They can’t post on weekend mornings or at 5:30am on weekdays. They need F3 just as much as we do.  I will continue to lead this effort to bring it to them. Ye old SF and YHC will go it alone until they come.

New Day and Time: Sunday evenings at 1900 hrs (7pm) starting March 22nd.

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