Night Ops jailbreaking smoke fest

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  • Workout Date - 04/19/2015
  • Q In Charge - Seal
  • The PAX - Mr.Winslow, Roscoe P Coltrane, Chernobyl, and Seal
  • AO -

The Shovel Flag was planted under a picnic shelter for fear of another down pour and 4 men decided to get better despite Mother Nature. The park was mostly empty and the ground was resembling a muddy sponge from the recent monsoon. We pushed on.


SSH x20 IC

IW x15 IC

MC x15 IC


The Thang:

Ran to the picnic shelter just before the double bridge with “one-way”.

16’s!! dips and derkins (smoke fest part one) Mr. Winslow was the first to bring the #mumblechatter on this one. Alas, we were all hurting.

Mosey. Ran to the fighter jet and got in the first balancing act. Crab walk the entire length of the two semi circle walls around jet. Planking fun til all are done.

Mosey. Found a small stone bridge on the way up to the Liberty bridge. Declined plank fun again. Quite a balancing act with your toes 3′ above your shoulders. Mr. Winslow gives us the sad news that he has no equilibrium. My… what fun we had watching him though.

Mosey. OYO jog to the Liberty Bridge. Then go pick up the six. It was at the bridge that we ran into traffic. And an awkward moment almost got real. As Roscoe bumped into an old “acquaintance” and no one was really sure how it was going to go. But all is well and the run resumed. Whew! (It could’ve gone bad). We made our way back down the hill. About the second bridge, Roscoe suggests a jailbreak to the fighter jet between just himself and YHC. Fully knowing I would not back down from a challenge, away we went (smoke fest part two). It was neck and neck the whole way, and YHC had completely misjudged how far away that monument was #MerlotNearMiss.  Mr. Winslow and Chernobyl were unaware of the challenge and were left a little perplexed. After we regrouped, Flutterkicks were suggested (by whom?) in order to prepare us all for the unholiest of pains that I will inflict upon OverDraft at our next meeting #TauntingSeal #TrashTalkHighCountFlutterKicks .

Flutterkicks x25 IC

Mosey back to the flag. No more Mary. No time.


Jackalope coming up 5/16  – get ready

Prayers for those guys with injuries and missing out on all this fun.

Keep posting and keep EH’ng those guys that need to get better. Bring them to Night Ops and we’ll take it from there. No ‘Too early’ excuses here.

By the way, we now have our own official ‘Tag’ here!! And we are also officially on the Swamp Rabbit schedule! Good work and thank you for the support.

See you in the gloom brothers.


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