Nice temps = Nice Numbers

  • Workout Date - 03/08/2016
  • Q In Charge - Earthmover
  • The PAX - Caviar, Steve FNG -Fred Thompson, Clip on (Hate), Inspector Gadget, Zeke FNG - Wilford Brimley, Epee, Whoopeee, Gilligan (Hate), Pouchout, Latka, Stewie, Soul Plane (Double Respect), Spongebob, Weedwhacker, Iceman, Earthmover (QIC)
  • AO -

16 brave Pax including 2 FNGs got up early for their dose of the DRP at #mainthang. Here’s what went down courtesy of YHC. The “Hates” of the #Zimmerclan are here but where is their fearless leader??

Spongebob didn’t read the Q calendar and assumed he had the Q. Negative Ghostrider – EM running the show today.
Disclaimer and mission for FNGs
SSH x 20
Slow merkins x 10
IW x 15 IC

Head down Broad, around back of PC, across the Bridge Across the Reedy and gather up in front of the art studios. AMRAP loop today.

20 HR merkins
20 situps
20 lunges
Run to River Street and around back of Peace Center, cross bridge back to start. AMRAP until I say stop. Iceman and Spongie led the way. Some got 5 rounds, others less. Strava says I did 2.2 miles, fast guys did more.

Head back towards home, stop on PC stairs and do 3 squats per step all the way to the top. Dips at home until the 6 arrive.

Welcome FNGs Steve Schnaiter-“Fred Thompson” & Zeke Godfrey-“Wilford Brimley. Good work on a not so easy first post.
Keep up the 2nd F
Look for announcements regarding lightly attended AOs
AcesWild now meets at SBUX on Augusta
Village Wrench – “Village Pillage” March 24th 6-8 pm @ Oobe. See Caviar for details.
GCOD meal train. Check with YHC if you’d like to be added to meal train list. Can also donate at AOs to help them out
Bondo at Gideons House looking for Mudrun team to join
Prayers – Punchout’s parents and his mother in law, Latka’s friend’s father with cancer
Caviar took us out in prayer



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