Next time it rains….

  • Workout Date - 02/23/2016
  • Q In Charge - Spongebob
  • The PAX - Caviar, Latka, Soul Plane, Iceman, Brown Shorts, Handy Manny, Double Windsor, Clip-on, Gilligan, Holla, San Diago, Dunphey, Domer Simpson, Whoopie
  • AO -

Alright, so rain is coming in.  Your alarm goes off and you debate whether or not you want to step foot outside and risk getting a little water on your chin.  15 men took that challenge head on and came to Main Thang to propel themselves forward.

Warm Up
Dips X 10
Bulgarian Split Squats X 10 each leg OYO
Repeato for the set

Mosey to Jimmy John’s Garage

The Thang
Run stairs up to floor #1 – Perform 10 Superman Merkins
Run to Bottom – Perform 10 Jump Squats
Level #2 – 10 superman Merkins
Bottom – 10 Jump Squats
Keep going through Level #6 and back down.
**Floor #6 was outside, which means rain, which means wet ground.  HUGE PROPS to Double Windsor for being the only member of the PAX who continued to do Superman Merkins on the wet ground and got his nipples wet

Run up to floor 2 for suicides up the ramp
Backwards run 3 parking spaces – 10 Squats
Back to bottom – 10 Big Boy Situps
Backwards run 6 parking spaces – 10 squats
Back to bottom – 10 Big boy situps
Repeato until you get all the way up the ramp

Run the stairs up to level #6 outside area
Inform the PAX of Double Windsor being a BA and getting wet, so we should all get wet.
10 Superman Merkins for everyone in the wetness

Run down 2 levels
Sumo Squats and then hold squat for the whole PAX
Run down 2 levels
Hold Squat
Run down 2 levels
Russian Twists
Run down last level
Hold Squat

Mosey back to base

Dips X 10
Bulgarian Split Squats X 10 OYO each leg

Naked Moleskin
– Again Huge props to Double Windsor for getting wet this AM
– Props to Iceman for taking his PEDs this AM and dominating the workout
– Great to have Caviar out on a regular basis..he can’t do shoulders, but he’s still fast
– San Diago had a new haircut
– Latka wore boardshorts
– Bubba Gump lost his jacket last week and was supposed to pick it up this AM…except it rained…WHERE WERE YA BUBBA?
– Palmetto 200 team needs a driver – talk to Brown Shorts
– BRR teams being formed.  Be a part of Team Zimmer
– YHC is doing a CSAUP event at Millenium.  Try it if you dare.

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