Never Forget

  • Workout Date - 09/12/2016
  • Q In Charge - Earthmover
  • The PAX - PunkinSpice, SlapChop, Iceman, Bartman, Top Water, Wilson, ZipIt, Castaway, No Bars, Earthmover
  • AO -

10 HIM ventured out on 9/12 to #theburbs. YHC went to the archives and found PunkinSpice’s 9/11 workout from 2 years ago and decided to bring it back. Tclaps to No Bars who rolls in at 5:29 evidently needing a workout after doing the 6 man BRR this weekend. Here’s what we did:

head over to MRPC soccer field and partner up. 2977 reps dora style in remembrance of the innocent people lost on 9/11. Orange cone in honor of Bartman placed +-25 yds out on the soccer field.

100 merkins
200 fairy jacks
300 mountain climbers
400 Erectors
100 plank jacks
200 squats
300 freddy mercs
400 SSH
100 plank shoulder touch
200 skaters
300 flutters
377 air presses

low on time. Fast mosey to the #joesteps to run 10 quick trips up and down in memory of firefighters going up the stairs as others went down.

Q calendar now back “open”. See Iceman if you don’t have access
Iceman birthday Q at MainThang Tuesday. BeeeeeThere!

Prayers for our country and leaders
Marriage issues for one of our Pax
Career clarity for Castaway
Spouse of Bartman’s coworker with cancer
Bartman took us out in prayer

Always a pleasure. SYITG


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