NATTY DARK: Won Not Done edition

  • Workout Date - 01/11/2016
  • Q In Charge - Squeal
  • The PAX - Zip-It, Slap Chop, Stuart Smalley, Homeward Bound, Obama, Footloose, Slurpee, Wilson, Iceman, Bib (LIFO), Squeal (YHC)
  • AO -

Squeal showed up in unfamiliar territory on the morning of Clemson’s NATTY bid to put the team through the ringer in the gloom.  11 PAX hopped in the huddle ready to get things done.

Earthmover was gracious enough to bring his Star Wars Freak Show to the pitch dark of the Tankyard last Thursday, and when I told him to let me know when we could return the favor, he said “How about Monday?”  Sure, why not.


27F, 51% RH, Clear and beautiful.  Lots of light, compared to the midnight gloom of the Tankyard.

Warm Up:

SSH x 15 IC
Squealbillies x 15 IC
Smurf Jacks x 15 IC

Da’ Thang:

Figure out where the block pile is and head there. Everybody grab a cinder block.

“Is this someone’s backyard?”  Ok good, let’s post up here.

TIGERS X 15, for an anticipated 15 wins for the 2015 season

Triple Merkin Burpees
Incline Merkins on block
Erectors (4 count)
Rosalitas (4 count)
Shoulder Press


10 Shoulder Press with Cinder Block, run to other side WITH block, 1 Derkin on block, run back with block.  All the way to 1 Squat Press / 10 Derkins

3 circuits of 5 minutes each, hitting Upper Body, Core, and Lower Body…Rinse and Repeat til the 5 minutes is done.

Round 1: Upper Body
15 Shoulder Presses with blocks
15 Bicep Curls with blocks
15 Overhead tricep extensions with blocks

Dips and derkins mixed in for some of these.

Round 2: Core
15 Russian Twists (DC)
15 Mountain Climbers (DC)
15 Flutters (DC)
15 LBC with blocks

Round 3: Lower Body
15 Squats with blocks
15 Slow Calf Raises with blocks
15 Single Leg Lunges with one leg on block
15 Box Jumps onto blocks

Put the blocks back and GET BACK TO DA CHOPPUH!

Heels to Heaven x15 IC
Dolly x15 IC

We’ve already honored the South Carolina State Champions, the Clemson Tigers, but it’s time to recognize the 2 and 3 kids on the block)
Big Boy Sit Up x15 (an ode to the military heritage of the SC Runner Up, the Citadel Bulldogs)
Williams Brices / Dead Cockroaches x 15 IC  (in honor of SC’s 3rd place team, the South Carolina Gamecocks)


Drifter Trail 6k, Conestee Park, 2/6/16
Star Command Convergence. Preblast here. 1/23/16. Time is questionable. Preblast says 0700, word on the streets is 0630. Keep ears open.
Hendersonville launch this Saturday.  Clown car with Iceman if you want to go.
GO TIGERS!!!!!!!!!

Snowden’s new injury…physically and emotionally difficult


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