Mystery Solved?

  • Workout Date - 07/10/2014
  • Q In Charge - Hootie
  • The PAX - Iceman, Domer Simpson, SpongeBob, Pledge, Dollywood, Wing Nut, Blowfish, Grilled Cheese on a Doughnut
  • AO -


9 Curious PAX entered the Lion’s Den to solve the Q mystery.  C’mon Guys–were you really surprised it was me??

Warm Up:
Burpees x 10 OYO #surprise
Shin Hops x 10 OYO #NASTY
High Knee Jumps x 30 OYO

Mosey to baseball field for 4 Corners on paved track around the field
Same exercise at each corner x 15 reps OYO

Wide Merkins x15 x 4
In and Outs x15 x4
Ferry Jacks #smoker x15 x4
Down and Hold (15 count) x4

**HOOTIBLE** —Definition—When Hootie is done following what he had planned as an exercise and has decided to add additional exercises to increase pain and intensity.

High Knee Jump Burpees x 5 x 4 #notfun
Hill sprints x 3 #supersmokefest

Mosey back towards shovel flags with a pitstop at the pull-up bars

Fall in line–each PAX performs maximum reps on bar–when finished hit the pavement for core reps
Rinse and repeat!!

No time for Mary–I’m pretty sure we hit the core pretty good tho!

Good work today boys!  Proud of each of you!  BTW–the owl we all heard at COT was not a recording Latka! (wish you could have heard it)


  • Q School on 7/22 at the Main Thang. Preblast here.
  • F3 Greer is launching on 8/9. Twitter handle is @F3Greer. Send FNG emails to:
  • Sign up for the Mudrun by 7/15 for $55 entry fee
  • Need Q’s and PAX to continue to push Powder Keg
  • Sponge Bob will preblast Michelin 5 K Info—Get Moving!
  • Prayers for our brave team on the scene of Mitchell Road accident —prayers for the families who lost their loved ones
  • Prayers from the DEN mentioned and those unspoken



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