My, what a twisted WEBB you weave…..

  • Workout Date - 03/28/2016
  • Q In Charge - Whoopee
  • The PAX - T-bag, Taylor Swift (hate), One-armed Seal, Brownshorts, Missing, Keystone (respect), Mantooth, Quickie, StemCell, 12th Man, Carl's Jr (respect), Tiny Dancer (hate - WB), Mr. Burns, Quaker (respect), Redwire (respect - WD), Inspector Gadget (respect), Boomhauer (respect), Slug, Whoopee (YHC
  • AO -

Well, it’s the Monday after Easter.  Time to work off that big Easter meal and any sweets you may have consumed over the Holiday weekend.

I admit, I had a grand plan to come up with something truly epic, but nineteen pax got this instead:


Windmills IC very slow, really Abe Vigoda’s


SSH’s started slow and then moving up to Padre speed; for those of you not familiar with our Powderkeg Padre, he has one speed on Burpee’s and SSH’s – very fast.  Just imagine a 33 record playing on 45 rpm.

Comic relief provided throughout by Seal doing everything one armed – keep it rolling with one-armed Chinook’s IC #DRPchomper #meanmeanstride

MountainClimbers IC x 20, Merkins IC x 20

Mosey a lap around the church and then explain:


Webb of Burpee’s and Plankjacks in the standard 1:4 ratio, escalating upwards.  Kept the pax guessing as to where we would stop (mosey 2-3 mins between sets) and perform the next set.  After 3:12 set, the pax were starting to realize just how high this could go……7:28, 10:40, 15:60??…….just how crazy is Whoopee this morning?  Taylor Swift is borderline refusnik; Boomhauer is unapologetically refusnik (OK, dude’s just gonna run a 100 miles in 6 days and burpees don’t go well with that taper)  #mumblechatter  #gottaluvit #modifyifnecessary

YHC decides to end the madness at a paltry 7:28 – had thought about going down the escalator, but instead we stop off for:

Pax’s chair – 19 of us do the wall squat on the south wall of the church while each pax performs 1 burpee for form down the line.  YHC has discovered that burpees are really fun after pax’s chair #justdoit #cantfeelmyquads

Still plenty of time, so mosey to the cinderblock pile for some block 21’s – grab a block and do lower half curls x 7, upper half curls x 7 and then full range extension; block burpees x 7; military press x 7; tricep extension x7 rinse and repeat

Lots of #mumblechatter on the block burpees – hey at least we just did the diamond merkin on the block and didn’t jump with it.  #thisisntsafe #readthedisclaimer

mosey back to flag for


Flutters, Pretzel curl left, pretzel curl right, 10 flyover burpees, heels to heaven, boxcutter/reverse boxcutter, dying cockroach – all 15-20 reps each exercise

Thanks to all for putting up with another Whoopee Q, I always love providing Brownshorts the opportunity to say “If you don’t like it, sign up to Q earlier so the Q calendar is filled”


4/2 Let Me Be Brave 5k/10k 9am

Tiny Dancer’s Church Dodgeball Tournament, one team already formed – apparently you have to be under 18 or over 50 to be a member of the Powderkeg F3 Dodgeball team?!?

Need Q School for Clemson – Pitchfork Convergence????


Prayers for Whoopee coworker whose son passed this weekend

Prayers/Praise  – Noah coming home after hospital stay to Vollmers; continued recovery and keep feeling better

Prayers – Wren community – local high school student in fatal car accident

Prayers – Youkilis – broken elbows and L1 issues from motorbike spill

Prayers – Gluten to recover from illness

Till next time, SYITG




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