My Shoulders Hate Me

  • Workout Date - 05/03/2016
  • Q In Charge - Grrr
  • The PAX - Wrench, No Bars, Wally, Bob Barker(WD), Alfred, Toto, Honky Tonka, & Grrr
  • AO -

3 PAX showed up for a pre-run including YHC. Not advisable for #Clydesdale to run with No Bars aka Mudrunner and Alfred aka Paris wannabe.

8 PAX in total for a workout that looked #turrible on paper. Modify if needed was mentioned and Wally gave YHC the #deathstare. Let’s get it!

SSH x 25
Buttkickers 1 minute

Line up for Indian Run
1st stop 25 Russian Twists DC
2nd stop 25 LBC OYO
Stop at First Baptist Church
Spread out and grab some curb (2 rounds of Shoulders/Core)
1st Round- 15 Slow Count Derkins/15 Flutters IC
2nd Round- 15 Slow Count Incline Werkins/15 Rosalitas IC
Q Alfred #mumblechatter “What about regular markings?” 🙂
Jack “Diamond” Webb- Up to 5/20

We have a long parking lot so why not use it
Backwards Lt. Dan up to 4/16
We have to get back so…..
Regular Lt. Dan up to 4/16
Lets mosey and most of PAX is struggling from #nolegs with exception of No Bars who sprints ahead.

1st stop 25 Russian Twists DC
2nd Stop 25 LBC
3rd stop-Entrance of park
-Find some wall- Balls to Wall, Skullcrushers, & Peoples Chair- Bob Barker is an animal and makes skull crushers look like child’s play #checkhisID #respect

DSS- 40 Dips, 30 Squats, & 20 Supine S/U- Banker’s love acronyms

Pass Block Drill diagonally to each light post- Proud moment for YHC as No Bars says,”Good change of pace.”

Mosey to shelter for MOM
Erector x 25 IC
-Right Leg x 10 IC
-Left Leg x 10 IC
Billy Idols x 20 IC
Southern Gentleman
Northern Aggressor
Six Inches

Praise for Almond Joys new 2.0, Bob Barker’s mother-in-law, Toto’s brother(Isaiah)shipping out for Marines bootcamp, and couple unspoken prayers.

Good work men! #shouldertwitchin

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