My Q Tribute

  • Workout Date - 06/13/2016
  • Q In Charge - Keystone
  • The PAX - Flow Rider, Mr. Burns, Red Wire, Late for Supper, Fargo, Abacus, Inspector Gadget, FNG Bobby M. - GI Jane, Danielle Steele, Tiny Dancer (WB), Depends, Whittle (WD), BOGO, 12th Man, Boomhauer, Quaker, Keystone (YHC)
  • AO -

While 6 of our PowderKeg regulars were across town recovering the Ghost Flag, 17 PAX, including one FNG, emerged in the gloom to find YHC at the helm.  After dispelling initial fears that a 1000-rep beatdown was in the offing and failing to include enough legalese in the disclaimer to satisfy Boomhauer, YHC launched the workout by turning the warm-up upside down.  What, ending the warm-up with SSH?  Oh, the humanity!

Then YHC explained the theme of the day:  to honor YHC’s favorite Qs and their signature exercises (at least, IMHO).

Here’s how it went down:

Warmup:  IW x16 IC (intended 15, but whatever…), MC x20 IC, SSH x25 IC

The Thang:

Since this workout is essentially a stroll down Memory Lane, what better way to start than a Mosey down the Road Less Traveled?  In the dusty annals of YHC’s mind, the RLT was pioneered by @Gluten, the Mother Teresa of the PowderKeg, whose T-Rex running style is the envy of his fellow PowderKeggers.  The PAX stop at the top of the entrance drive at the welcome sign for the next installment.

Now the proverbial mists part to reveal Jacob’s Ladder, with Burpees at the bottom and DC Lunges at the top.  This one belongs to @SEAL, the hard core of our AO who brings Special Forces intensity to every workout.  The ladder escalates to 5 and back down again.  Sorry SEAL, no time for 7 because of all the other Qs who deserve a nod.

The PAX mosey over the hill and grab blocks for a PowderKeg tradition:  21 guns rounded out with some chest presses (x10) and tricep extensions (x10).  Rinse and repeat included free of charge.  YHC was first introduced to this by @Slug, who wishes he knew what he wants to be when he grows up.  @Carl’s Jr., our master of the “simple yet difficult” workout, gets a shout-out here for taking up Slug’s mantle (and taking it up a notch) in recent months.

After the coupons are returned to their well-deserved rest, the PAX mosey to the bottom of the steps.  And they ALL knew what this means!  @Brown Shorts, our tyrannical but lovable Site Q, was about to get some screen time (not literally, since he was on the Ghost flag crew).  Larger than life as Brown Shorts is, YHC could not limit the exercise to only one selection, so Brown Shorts is represented by both a Ring of Fire (Johnny Cash) and Joe Hendrix.  The RoF was 16 single-count FCs while the rest of the PAX held 6 inches.  #keepyourlegsstraight #dontbendyourknees

Fate intervened after the RoF with a flyover, so the PAX were treated to another 10 Burpees in honor of the flyboys.

Between flights of Joe Hendrix, the PAX needed something to occupy them across “the flats”.  For the first “flat” @Padre, the fastest Burper west of the Enoree River, beams down for some Burpee Broad Jumps.  On the second “flat”, @Tiny Dancer, our perpetual War Baby and mumble-chatterer extraordinaire (and, of course, YHC’s 2.1) makes an appearance with his signature North Korean Wheelbarrows.  #everythingisawesome

At the top of the last flight of Joe Hendrix, YHC had intended to roll out a three-pronged remembrance of the 1000-headed hydra originally birthed by SEAL, but which has taken on a life its own at the Keg.  The first 1000-rep workout was LBCs.  A month later YHC followed with 1000 squats for my VQ, and most recently rolled out a new and improved 1001-SSH beatdown.  So, the original idea was 100 LBCs, 100 squats, and 100 SSH to revisit the top of each pyramid.  But alas, the sands of time passed too quickly, and the workout was cut short after the LBCs.

YHC had even more than this up his sleeve, so don’t be surprised when Tribute 2.0 pops up…

TClaps to our FNG, now known as GI Jane, for superior hustle.  He begins his slate of accomplishments with a Larry Bird on Jacob’s Ladder.


  • F3 Dads – Saturday, Legacy Park @ 8:15
  • Gideon’s House – Bondo’s Graduation 8/2 at 6 PM


  • Mab Mab’s father w/ prostate cancer
  • Longbottom’s father w/ cancer
  • Brown Shorts’ brother w/ fluid on lungs
  • Boomhauer’s small group member Bill & wife – struggle with dementia
  • Boomhauer’s European Odyssey (or will it be more like European Vacation?)
  • We neglected to mention, but want to remember Hook & Ladder’s M – spine surgery

Keystone out!


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