My Monday Morning Mini-Murph of Mayhem

  • Workout Date - 03/23/2015
  • Q In Charge - Radar
  • The PAX - Slap Chop, Earthmover, 00, Zip It, No Strings Attached, Blue Hawaii, Wally, Wilson, Ahhhhhhnold, Implant, Johnny 5, Radar
  • AO -

I’ll leave the poetry to 00, but some alliteration goes nicely with my anniversary Q this morning.  It’s hard to believe it has been one year since Hard Hat told me about F3.  I’ve enjoyed getting to know a lot of great guys in the process while developing a love for previously unknown activities such as repeatedly walking up stairs backwards on all 4’s.

prisoner squats X 10 (IC)
merkins X 10 (IC) – Radar Count #crowdpleaser

Indian run to Mitchell Rd. Elementary playground

The Greatest American Hero (AKA Mini-Murph) Redux
This was my first ever Q, so I decided to remove the things that didn’t go well the first time while adding things that we’ve discovered in the past year.  It was much more painful in this year.

Break into groups of 3.  Each person does 10 pull-ups, 20 merkins, 30 perfect squats.  Once all are complete, run with your team around the path circling the playground.  Repeato X 5
Plank when finished – Total of 50 pull-ups – 100 merkins – 150 perfect squats

Mosey back to MRPC, wait, stop half way.  Everybody plank then jailbreak to the back stairs for some 7’s #RadarStyle #will00everlearn
6 burpees at the bottom, Joe Hendricks up the stairs, 1 diamond merkin at the top.
5 burpees, Joe Hendricks Up, 2 diamonds.  You get the idea…

We eventually ran out of time, but I think everyone got through 5 rounds #lotsofgrunting #everyonewasinbeastmode

one more jailbreak to the circle for 6MOM

Leg-Throw-Dolly’s X 20 (IC – Radar Count)
Flutters X 20 (IC – Radar Count)
Plank-O-Rama courtesy of 00



Prayers for NSA’s friend Logan with an infection in his foot, and his interview later this month.

Zip It has two bibs for the Bridge Run this weekend if anyone wants to enjoy a fun race.


Mud Run 4/11


Remember to hydrate, especially as the weather gets warmer.



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