• Workout Date - 04/14/2014
  • Q In Charge - Denied
  • The PAX - Castaway, Double Windsor, Jeremy FNG (High Maintenance), Goggles, Epee, Clapper, Posh Spice, Iceman, Holla, Denied
  • AO -

10 Rabbits de sacked this morning knowing that Tuesday will start out wet, from sweat or rain, either way, they were right.


SSH x 25 IC
IW x 20 IC
That’s enough of that

The Thang
Mosey south down Main Street, turn right on Camperdown, right at the Hampton inn, down the massive set of stairs to the bridge over the River, Bear Crawl over the bridge and circle up at the end and partner up.
It was at this point that YHC explained we will be doing a Dora, but not just any Dora, the MurphDora. YHC personally loves “The Murph” and I thought I would share my love for this work out with the Pax. Here’s what it looked like.
100 Supine Pull ups
200 Merkins
300 Squats
Pax running from under the bridge to Falls St. err, audible, the stop sign
Plank and LBC’s while waiting on the 6

Next, we seek shelter in the Pavilion by the river for some 0.0
YHC had planned for the Super 21, but time would not allow, so we settled for the Fantastic 14
Carolina Drydock’s and Freddie Merc’s. Do 1 of each exercise, then 2, then 3, etc, all the way up to 14, 105 reps per exercise. This is a smoker ladies and gentleman. Lots of groaning and praying to get through it, Super 21 would be relentless.

Time’s not out yet, so we did 2 rounds of 10 dragonfly’s and 10 burpees.

Back to the Flag for COT

Atlanta, Greenwood, Asheville need help getting off the ground.
Swamp Rabbit 5K (Friday evening Run) Watch Weekly email for more information
Jackalope- SIGN UP!!!!!!!

Posh and all other PAX in Greenville GoRuck event this weekend
Castaway’s Wife

This is my third time to Q, and I greatly appreciate all of you that came out this morning. I strongly encourage each of you that haven’t Q’d before or recently to do it. It gets easier and it is a lot of fun.

Denied out.

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