Murdock's Mad Mosey – Part II

  • Workout Date - 08/19/2014
  • Q In Charge - Murdock
  • The PAX - Mr. T, Baby Seal, Mary, WiFi, Retread, Sadik, Heisenberg, Nature Boy, Fertile, Esther, Tickler, Tesh, Capt. Plug, Gymboree, Jenner, Macho Man
  • AO -

Murdock’s Mad Mosey – Part II

17 Pax braved the early morning gloom to see what I had up my sleeves.  I hope no one was disappointed!

Opened with Prayer and The Lord’s Prayer

Warm-up: Welcome to the Jungle Run (Slow mosey introduction run to show all stations and demonstration along the .75 mile course)

Broke into two teams of 8 with each team further breaking down into pairs.  This is a team event.  You cannot pass the team in front of you.  Paired partners can help each other complete a station, but all iterations/distances must be completed for each person.

Station 1: “Making Sparks” – push a 35lb weight plate across the ground for 50 yards, turn around and push it back.  Each partner must complete 100 yards.

Run to Station 2 – 300 yards

Station 2: “Flipping a Quarter” – tire flip with a 425 Tire (known in the industry as the ‘four and a quarter’) 30 yards up hill and back.  Each partner must complete 30 yards.

Run to Station 3 – 100 yards

Station 3: “Heavy Homer” – farmer’s carry (2) Home Depot ‘Homer’ bucket with 4 gallons of water in each bucket for 100 yards, turn and return.  Each partner must complete 200 yards.

Run to Station 4 – 400 yards

Station 4: “Barrel of Monkeys” – push a 55 gallon barrel with 15 gallons of water up to the top of “Mt. Mauldin” and back down.  Each partner must complete the 20 yards to the top and back down.

Run to Station 5 – 150 yards

Station 5: “Stompin’ the B.A.T” – 50 box jumps on the B.A.T. (Big A Tire).  Each partner must complete 50 – 20 inch box jumps.

Run to Station 6 – 75 yards

Station 6: “You a Man Yet?” – 10 Manmakers with a 25lb sandbag.  Each partner must complete 10 manmakers with the sandbag.

Run to Station 7 – 75 yards

Station 7: “The Dragon Butt” – one partner has to put on a GORUCK GR1 with 35lbs and buddy drag his partner (bear crawl style) for 30 yards.  Each partner must complete a buddy drag of 30 yards.

Run to Station 8 – 50 yards

Station 8: “Raise Your Banner High” – hoist a 45lb plate on a rope to the top of the truss 14ft. high.  Each partner must complete one full repetition.

Run to Station 9 – 25 yards with a vault of a 4 foot wall.

Station 9: “Carry Your Cross” – 2 man carry a 125lb concrete cross 40 yards to the finish line


Naked Moleskine – Great job of teamwork.  I believe everyone was thoroughly smoked, YHC included.  Special thanks to Mr. T for helping me set up all this heavy stuff, he did great!  Tesh asked for prayers for some job related stress.  Tickler gave us a praise report for the young man who had the 4 wheeler accident that made a miraculous recovery.  Nature Boy testified that he has been handling his temper a lot better and he is feeling the peace of the Holy Spirit.  He thanked the GS guys for their support.


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