Moving Blocks

  • Workout Date - 10/09/2018
  • Q In Charge - Kindergarten Cop
  • The PAX - Lavar Burton, Grrr, Training Wheels, Wax On, Bedbug, Perry Mason, Courtesy Flush
  • AO - The Station

Warm Up

20 SSH and 20 IW

Some mumble chatter about the speed of the warm up and speculation about what might be ahead.

Mosey to the church and partner up.  One partner grabs a block.  Some PAX had some confusion either about who their partner was and how many blocks were needed.  Mosey from Memorial Methodist to First Baptist stopping several times for 20 SSH and to switch who carries the block.

DORA at First Baptist

100 squats, 200 bench press, and 300 curls

partner 2 gets two trips of Joe Hendrix up the steps followed by as many trips running up and down the steps as necessary until completion.

Mosey back to Memorial and return the blocks.  Several stops for 20 SSH and switching who carries the block.  The last stop was 20 merkins to keep PAX on their toes.

Mosey to the newly renovated wall at the park entrance with a stop for 20 Big Boys on the way.

Balls to the wall as long as you can followed by the People’s Chair.

Mosey back to the circle.

Captain Thor and Erectors followed by a little Plank

Naked Moleskin

Prayers for Juggernauts’ family who lost a house to fire, and several other unspokens.

Come out Thursday for Iceman’s Q.  Perry and Grr donating money for each PAX who shows.



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