Mount Hollingsworth!

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  • Workout Date - 03/23/2023
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YHC had so much fun last week that he decided to Q again. YHC’s enthusiasm does not mean that he created a whole new circuit. Nope…almost the exact same workout. Was thinking about encorporating burpess but my back is wrecked from Snowdens #TankYard beatdown on Thursday. #crickinmyneck

Warm up:

SSH X 20
IW X 25

The Thang:

Mosied to Woodruff stopped for a squat circuit

Mosey down Woodruff
Squat circuit -10 REEEEAAAAALLLLYYYY SLOW squats

Took a right on Salters and left on power line road. #slickerthanababy’sarse
Pax wandered around the power line roads for a few miles stopping occasionally for a squat circuit #yhclostcount

Made it back to Salters taking a right and then left on another dirt mud road
Found a creek. Instead of broad jumping the creek we jumped right in and ran for a while
YHC found a cleaner trail to Mount Hollingsworth and the pax was spare much loss of blood from the briers

Mount Hollingsworth
Pax started in the detention pond with another squat circuit and launched into the climb making two trips up the mountain today. The rain made a tougher climb today. #grimreaperisaBEAST

Mosied over to Mount Verdae for a trip up and over with a jailbreak to the COT

YHC begged forgiveness for an early exit…of to PC for a second beatdown.

As stated earlier, YHC had a blast and loves these types of workouts. There are many miles of un-explored roads rivers and hills. Until next time!


T . O. M . A . T . O . B . A . C . O . N . C . H . E . E . S . E .

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