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  • Workout Date - 03/31/2023
  • Q In Charge -
  • The PAX -
  • AO -

29 Men rolled out of the #fartsack for their daily #downPAINment. Little did they know that YHC had arranged media coverage of this mornings #beatdown. Our very own Sean Muserallo (aka Geoff Hart) was broadcasting from the PC. He holds the record for most consecutive fartsacks – 157 (and counting). Nevermind the cameras, we had work to do so be loud and mind your form (for the cameras)…..

morning buzz sean muserello
SSH x25
IW x25
Parker Peter w/ merkins x10

Mosey to Bowater side of Liberty Bridge
as we arrived at the bottom of the bridge, the mumblechatter got louder as guys realized YHC’s car was parked nearby…….loaded with bricks

gomer pyle

Dora 123 w/ bricks
partner up – partner running carries bricks while the other partner performs the exercises (use bricks for curls).
Merkins x100
Squat jumps x200
Curls x300 (sc)

When done – 10 burpees oyo and plank up

Mosey to PC amphitheater

Lateral step ups w/ knee raise x15 ea leg
Flutters x25
Half burpee ladder x5 #crowdpleaser
Repeato (subbing back scratchers for flutters)

Mosey to the flag (long way around the PC)
Elbow plank
Southern Gentlemen / Northern Aggressor
Chaser LBC’s x25
Elbow plank – right leg, left arm extended – swap arms / legs
Dolly’s x15, straight into slutters x10

Naked Moleskin
– Great work today by all. Love leading the PAX at #TheMainThang
– Lots of mumblechatter about running with bricks. #legssmoked
– Half burpees (Jack Webb’s cousin) are tough and the PAX DO NOT LIKE THEM

– Keep sending us contact info for the 4/26 Spartanburg launch –
– New workout launches tomorrow – Ring Of Fire.
Location – Greenville High Track
Time – 0515-0615
Workout type – running/intervals
– Last call for GORUCK. Let myself or Padre know if interested.
– Teams forming for Blue Ridge Relay – let One Direction or Flay know if interested

See ya in the gloom….


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