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  • Workout Date - 12/08/2015
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Those who have spent more than 30 seconds with me know what attracted to me to F3 and why I believe in everything it stands for and hopes to accomplish. I have been reminded of that reason repeatedly throughout the year and I feel it bears telling. I want you to know what kind of brothers I have.

I joined F3 around the end of May. I was an avid CrossFitter, but had been seeing some chinks in the armor of the so-called community, particularly at my local box. I knew I needed – and desperately craved – some deeper male connections, but I just couldn’t figure out how to do it without becoming a part of a group of men more focused on themselves than their families.

Then I found F3. Rather randomly, I might add. I was participating in the ruck training program Pathfinder and kept seeing UHaul from Florence posting about F3. So I asked him about it. Turns out we knew someone in common and that I already knew many of the men in F3. So I showed up for a Monday run group and continued doing CrossFit in the afternoons.

That very first week My oldest 2.0 was involved in a terrible golf cart accident. His leg was pinned under the cart and broke his ankle in several places. He ended up with a bone infection and we spent a week in the hospital. During that time, many of the men reached out to me to ask how I was doing and see if I needed anything. I did need something. I needed men to come alongside me and help me through what would prove to be the first of many obstacles in 2015. Many of the men who reached out I had just met the day they gave me the name Juggernaut.

To this day, I have received exactly zero calls, texts, emails, or any other communication for my CrossFit “community.” When I was at competitions they cheered loudly. When I was struggling through a WOD they cheered loudly. When I needed a real friend they were nowhere to be found.

I was reminded today of those first days as a member of F3. Since then, the oldest 2.0 has been in the hospital multiple times with severe asthma attacks as has the youngest 2.0. Of all the traits they got from me, asthma just had to be the one.

My M was diagnosed with lupus and put on an aggressive chemotherapy regimen. When that one didn’t work they started another one. I have yet to go an entire day without hearing from at least 10 men of F3.

Last night, we spent the entire night in the ER with another asthma attack for the oldest 2.0. Got home just in time to put everyone to bed and drag my tired rear end out to a workout. Man, did I need it.

Throughout the day I have received over 100 text messages, phone calls, emails, etc. from guys across F3 Nation. How’s that for a community?

I threw out a quick tweet last night as we were headed to the ER asking for prayer for the 2.0. Throughout the early morning hours and the rest of the day today I have had men whom I have never met face to face ask me for an update via Twitter. Calls from every other community of which I have ever been a part? Still none.

It never ceases to amaze me what an incredible group of men we have here in F3 Nation. It really is more than just a workout. And I am grateful for every new day I have been given to be the man I was created to be.


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