More box jumps than Jamaica got lingo

  • Workout Date - 06/20/2016
  • Q In Charge - thumper
  • The PAX - Hulk Smash, Pet Stain, Soccer Mom, Squid, Whisper, Sammy, EZ Bake
  • AO -

8PAX kicked the fartsack in the nards, and made it to Monday fun day TOT time.

YHC had a trip to the stadium on the brain for a couple of weeks now.   Seemed like a good day to do it, luckily the temperature was nice (not so much at the time of this writing).

so…enough with the chit chat.




SSH x 20IC

IW x 30somethingIC

Dancing Bear/Merkin Combo – 8   too hard to count….

Indian run to the ball field…..

Over to the bleachers…

Round 1 –  Start at bottom

Box jump up 1 row of bleachers, 10 merkins, repeato up each row for total of 9 rows, 90 merkins.

mosey to bottom

Round 2 –

Box jump up 1 row of bleachers – 10 deep squats, repeato up each row for total of 9 rows, 90 squats

Mosey to bottom

Round 3 –

Box jump up 1 row of bleachers – 10 dips, repeato up each row for total of 9 rows, 90 dips

Mosey to bottom

Round 4 –

Box jump all the way to the top, mosey back down, line up for indian run back to flags.

made it back a little too fast, so we may as well bear crawl from the tower to the 1st stop sign, and broad jump back.


LBCs x 40IC

Flutters x 40IC



Annc:  PF Anniversary, Red White and Blue Shoes 5 K, Military appreciation night, Greenville Drive game on 7/3.

Prayers:  Sorry guys, my memory is a little fuzzy here.   Prayers for Whisper’s father, Pray for the ’81 DL.   Prayers for Spicoli and family…..

NMM:   It’s a pretty good clip to the baseball field for an indian run, good job boys.   it’s F3, no one lacks any hustle, but I noticed Hulk killing it on the bear crawls and broad jumps.   Well done.  Also, the last time Squid was at the baseball field he was just getting started in F3.  Clearly the dude is a beginner no mas.  Well done.

Always an honor to lead,




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